Train Crash!
Michael. Age 13. Pennsylvania

My family and I went down to our shore house and our cousins were coming down too. When we were heading down, the excitement was through the roof because where were going on my dad’s boat—a 23-foot fishing boat—which I love to go on. I knew we were getting close because I could smell the salty-fishlike taste in the breeze. There was nothing stopping me getting on that boat.

So when we reached the shore, we sat there for fifteen minutes until everyone arrived. To me it felt like a lifetime. They finally pulled up. I was so excited. I felt like the sun was smiling and I knew it was going to be a good day. The first thing that we decided to do was go to the beach. Then after that we were going to go on the boat. As we were walking to the beach, the waves were calling our names. When we got to the beach, we played for hours, jumping back and forth in the waves, burying ourselves, and making sand castles. We finally decided to go home. We took showers, ate lunch, then we were on our way to the boat dock.

When we finally reached the boat dock, Dean—my four-year-old cousin—wanted to play with his trains, his favorite thing to do. So we decided to take them on the boat. Then as soon as we left the dock, my cousin was playing with his train. I could see the hand releasing the train, I could see the train slowly dropping down to the water. Then I heard a splash, and I could see the train slowly going to the bottom. I knew that this was not going to end well. Dean started to cry.

My dad looked at the screen where it showed how deep we were. He saw that it was 7.3 feet. So we tried to reach the train with the fishing net, but we had no luck. Dean was still crying, so my dad did not give up. So, arms flailing, legs kicking, my dad jumped in the water. Even thought my dad was reluctant to do it, he still pulled through. It was a close call, but my dad finally got the toy back. For the rest of the day, my dad was wet.

After that accident, we decided to go home. When we got back to the house, we ate dinner. Then we all went to the living room and watched TV while Dean and I played with his trains.

When my family and I went down to our shore house, our cousins were coming down too. When we were waiting for them, the excitement was going through the roof. That excitement made a memory I will never forget.

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