Zach. Age 13. Pennsylvania

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Sprinting towards the middle, I grabbed a backpack and a sniper with no scope.

Before the beginning, I created a two man alliance, me and my friend Griffin. Griffin had grabbed bread and an assault rifle. We ran deep into the woods; the crunch of dead leaves seemed like thunder, louder with each step. We set up in a compact area with an abandoned drain pipe. In my backpack, I found two apples, a Desert Eagle, balloons to fill with water, and three Desert Eagle magazines. I didn’t see that Griffin had picked up a small bag that had seven assault rifle clips and three sniper ones. That was a huge break. I gave Griffin one of my apples. The point of this game was to destroy the nine teams opposing you. If you’re hit, you’re down and in prison. Your teammates can attempt to save you, but prison is a great camping spot to get people trying to get their friends. Griffin and I had decided to stay surreptitious and sneak up on other groups. As we were filling up our balloons, we saw a four person group pass by. I saw the look on Griffin’s face, and I had the same one. We carefully snuck up on the group and pelted water balloons at the group, eliminating the entire team and looting their items. One team down—eight to go.

As I was hunting for people my cell phone vibrated and I heard Griffin say, “HELP ME NOOOOOOOOW,” so I hurried back towards our camp and I saw Griffin running from a kid with an LMG. I thought quickly and pulled my sniper from the holster, crouched down, and brought the sights up to my eye as my hand taunted the trigger, waiting for the perfect moment. I clamped my finger on the trigger and with a “pssh” there was a pellet cruising into the pursuer’s stomach sending him into the pile of leaves behind him.

At the intermission, we found out that there were only six teams left including us. The win was so near I could taste it. After the intermission, we ran into the woods, splitting up. I ran toward the stream but was confronted by two tallish boys that didn’t shoot me but took me hostage, to lure Griffin into a trap, to eliminate our team. They took my sniper but didn’t see my Desert Eagle. As Griffin approached, we made our move. Griffin shot one kid and I kicked the other in the shin and shot him as quickly as possible. They told us that their two other teammates were nearby and ready to strike, so Griffin and I went back to our place and discussed our next move.

The Vipers, a large team, were camping at the jail to make sure no one got out. Griffin and I planned a sabotage. We went up to the team with our hands up asking to join because ours turned on us. Luckily, they accepted. We had jail guard duties, which meant we were behind “our team,” so we acted and began to shoot them. One by one they went down, but Griffin was shot and only one of the other team’s teammates was alive or not hit. I jumped up, took out my pistol, and spammed pellets. I though with luck one would hit him. Not one but all of them hit him. I had no idea how, but they did and I was proud.

I got Griffin out of jail and knew that the dynamic duo had the win. We, the unstoppable team, had beaten forty-eight other kids in the war of a lifetime. This was one of the greatest days of my life, and I will never forget it.

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