Spring: The Blossom of Human Birth
Navreen. Age 11. Brampton, Ontario

Swoooooshhhh…an emerald, green leaf floated along the cool, light breeze, making an outline in the crystal clear sky. In the distance was an oak tree which was glowing. This oak tree was one of the most beautiful creations on earth. This was no ordinary tree: it was home to fairies. These magical creatures represented all the purest goodness on earth. The oak tree was a pillar for the world, yet is not known much about.

Twinkles of fairy laughter echoed through the canvas of a starry night sky. Unfortunately, no ears could hear this soothing melody, floating across a vast distance.

“Urghhhh…” shrieked Lotus Pearl. “Why do goblins have to trouble us fairies so much?” Lotus Pearl was one of the many fairies from the Fairy Council.

There was an interactive, engaging conversation, which was bound to become a ruckus in a few seconds. When an issue would arise, the fairies would be split into elements of water and air, sharing their perspectives to the goddess who would then decide on a conclusion. This goddess was named Artemis. She was the goddess of nature. Artemis held the freshness of tomorrow in her hands

“There must be other creatures that can hear our melody...that can live in this nature,” squeaked Honey Dew, another caring fairy of the Fairy Council.

“I predict that there is no creation except evil goblins who can live in our world…” boomed Artemis. “Although...wait for a minute—a-ha, it is true. Human beings can be created, yet will have to escape nature, so they will have to die,” Artemis abruptly finished, wrinkling her nose, as if something smelt funny. This was because the word “human beings” was a new word for her tongue to try.

This discussion had taken place due to the worries in the minds of the fairies. Fairies, the mystical creatures, always gave out a golden mist in their breathing, which wouldn’t allow any creatures, except goblins, to live.

“So…” said Hermione, already jumping to a conclusion. “We must figure out a way for goodness to live and evil goblins to die.”

“Hmmmmmm…”said Pumpkin Pipe. “Water and air elements make us and so goodness comes from them.”

“We must seek help from the giant oak tree,” protested Water Melon.

“Ah…,” said the giant oak tree. “You have worries surrounding you. I will be able to help you, yet only once. After that, I will never be able to advise you all. For centuries nothing has lived on this land. Only the goodness of fairies, which can be recreated—”

“Uhhh… sorry to interrupt,” said Hermione in a rushed voice. All the jingling and clattering of her golden, shimmery dress, could be only heard by the Fairy Council and the giant oak tree. “If only air could support water out of earth. So the goodness would come out of the land.” Hermione finished with a broad smile across her face, yet her eyes were wandering as if she were solving a puzzle.

“Just a minute…” squealed Cherry Blossom. “This is so intricate and complex to absorb.”

“However, what will this creation do? That is the real question,” Artemis asked in a questioning tone.

“Artemis…” boomed the giant oak tree. “The answer is right under your nose. Goodness needs to stay alive. Two powerful, uncreatable forces will have to be put together to create a creation called—humans,” replied the giant oak tree.

A shudder of cold thoughts went down the spines of the fairies. Nervously, they each took in a deep breath. Even though they had heard this term before, there was just a different reaction when the wise oak tree had said it. All the continuous inhaling and exhaling had a rhythmic beat to it.

“I have kept a bit of magical fairy dust, which will help the fairies of water and air elements, to put together their forces. When you do so, I will gift a blessing to nature, which will allow fairies with their magical breath, as well as humans, to live. However, humans will have to leave nature after a while, though fairies will live on. If a human, however, seeks this blessing, the goodness inside of them will live on forever. This may be thought as a curse or blessing, mind you—” the giant oak tree was cut off again, yet there was still a twinkle in his eyes.

“Oh, oh, I understand,” shrieked Hermione. “If you think of it as a curse, the evil inside of you will shiver and tremble with pain, yet you won’t be able to die. If you think of it as a blessing, you will inspire other beings to follow the path of trueness.”

“Now we will proceed,” said Artemis. “Yet, fairies, you will lead a path of trueness. Whenever you are in trouble, please remember what I am about to tell you. Two wolves are fighting inside each of you. One is hope, truth, goodness, responsibility and patience. The other is lies, evilness, cruelty and coldness. Yet who will win the fight? Well, the answer is simple. It is the one you feed and is simply the one you follow. So please, follow your virtues of peace and goodness as you embark on this journey,” finished Artemis with a glowing, radiant and pure smile of pride.

“Water fairies to my right and air to my left,” commanded Artemis strictly.

In pin drop silence, the fairies obeyed with a luminous spark in their eyes. The thought of evil goblins being destroyed upon the birth of humans made the fairies very content, as if all their worries were coming to an end. Little did they know that their real worries and troubles were about to appear.

“Oh no! What shall we do,” shouted Sprinkle Rainbow with a petrified look on her face. “Now that I come to think about it, will we fairies have to stay incognito?”

“Indeed, you will. I knew that you would ask this excellent question. Ohhhh… It is time for you to realize this oncoming responsibility. Humans will split, so some will pursue this path, in which you will guide them to ultimate happiness and goodness. You will become a voice, an inner voice for humans, guiding them through the many high waves of life.” A crystal clear tear trickled down the face of the ancient oak tree. The tear had to slide over the creases of his wrinkled face. The path of the tear represented how life for beings would be bumpy. “Well, you must get ready, for after beings arrive on earth, I will be unable to speak anymore. Many more trees will grow. I will still be silently planted amongst them. Moreover, you fairies will be discovered by beings only if humans follow the path of great virtues,” finished the enormous oak tree, trying to be as optimistic as he could.

Everyone was struggling for words. Now, did the fairies really, truly want this new world full of humans?

Carrying on towards the procedure, the heartbeats of the fairies were growing louder by the minute. Sweat trickled down their faces, which had once been full of smiles. Taking a large gulp of air, all they could do was to stare at the rest of their kind. The fairies had been organized into their elements and were now facing each other.

Stretching out his wiry and thin branch, the giant oak tree shouted, “Proterus Leviota!”

Suddenly a glow of golden sparks erupted, starting to spread over top of the Fairy Council and the oak tree. Slowly, a floating orb was created, which contained these creatures, illuminating the moonlight filled dark night. Now all the fairies together were obeying what the giant oak tree told them, strictly. Artemis had a glowering glance towards all of the fairies. She was frowning slightly, as if something didn’t make sense. Now, all the fairies had their right hand outwards.

“Pop!” A tiny sound came from all of the fairies’ hands.

The elements of both sorts of fairies erupted as either water or a strong gush of air, rushing through the air, with a sound that pierced through the air. The moment was still even though something so fast was happening, with a clash of water and air, water which was sprouting upwards and out, as air supported it. This was now proclaimed a spring which would grant the immortality of goodness. A murmur of excitement broke out as the orb floated downwards and disappeared. Artemis was carrying this magnificent spring in her hands, towards earth. Digging up an area for it, she slowly planted the creation in the earth. This earth now bore goodness and became pure. A bright light creeped into view, turning from a dark sky to a lighter purple and a cotton candy shade. This new world was the gift that was bestowed upon Mother Nature, filling up the world with brightness. Many other creations had also come to life. Far away, somewhere, the fairies knew that the goblins had died. Unfortunately, the colour from the giant oak tree’s face drained as he said his last words: “Live lives of truth and hope…”

As he had foretold, the giant oak tree stood there motionless, like a statue. Now even Hermione could not cut the oak tree off while he was speaking.

“Oh! How terrible,” whimpered Hermione. Certainly he taught the world and us a great lesson. Choosing the path to sacrifice himself and hope for a bright world of tomorrow.”

“Indeed,” said Artemis in a fearful voice, as she trembled and shivered. Artemis, for the first time ever, seemed on the verge of tears.
As the cycle began to commence once again, a leaf of the giant oak tree floated across the sky, welcoming this new world. Swooooshhh....

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