A Dangerous Voyage and a Narrow Escape
Mina. Age 10. Tiburon, California

In 1620 John Howland boarded the Mayflower with a group of Englishmen headed to the New World where they could worship God freely, even though they knew it would be a long and perilous voyage. During the voyage there was a terrible storm. Brilliant lightning lit up the heavens, booming thunder crashed through the sky, heavy rain pelted the ship’s deck, ominous clouds loomed overhead, roaring wind ripped through the sails noisily, and gigantic waves bashed the ship unforgivingly. The Pilgrims, who were afraid, stayed below in the gun deck, which was wet, cold, and scary. They knew this was the beginning of a difficult voyage.

Aboard the Mayflower, one exciting event that happened was the dangerous John Howland rescue. John did not like being secluded in the gun deck, so he climbed the stairs and at once he was pelted by rain. Suddenly, the ship rolled, and John Howland plummeted into the ocean. Flailing his arms, he grabbed a rope, which was being whipped around furiously by the wind, and screamed frantically for help. Luckily the sailors, who had seen him fall, let down a boat hook and rescued him. John Howland was relieved and grateful to be back on the boat, and his friends hoped he had learned his lesson from the dangerous fall. The Pilgrims were happy to see him safe, for they knew it had been a narrow escape.

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