Leah. Age 12. Jamison, Pennsylvania
                      I sprint up the stairs to the third floor, top deck 
The wind refreshingly glides over my face
The sky is as black as a chalk board
The wind's calming cool summer breeze fills the air
Calming me as a binky calms a baby

I look up at the dazzling sky gleaming with light
From the florescent stars shimmering,
Their light cascading over me

The noise sending a shiver up my spine
As if a spider were dashing up it
My eyes flash to the noise
As I see the pop of cherry-red fill the sky
Like an explosion
Was set off

Then another SIZZLE, POP!
The rays of color get shot over the sky
Leprechaun-greens and ocean-blues
Fill the sky like tomato sauce covers a pizza

I stare in awe
As the colors invite a warm,
Happy feeling
“Happy Fourth of July!”
My cousin bellows

I smile in delight
I am in America
Free as a bird
So it is a happy
Fourth of July
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