The Missing Glasses
Brenda. Age 10. San Pablo, California

It was a sunny summer morning as I was daydreaming on my bed. I was really excited because school was starting in a couple of days. My sister walked into our room and asked me something really important.

‘‘Could you please help me find my glasses? They are probably in our room somewhere’’


As we looked for her glasses, I kept hoping that they weren’t on a tall shelf because I was as small as an ant back then. I also told her I would look for them while she went to school. Although I did say I would look for her glasses, I only looked in the kitchen and the living room. I found nothing, but a few hours later we picked up my sister.

She told me that she had homework, so I didn’t think she would help me find her glasses, even though it sounded like she was a little bit controlling. Meanwhile, we ate spaghetti for dinner. It felt like noodles and it tasted delicious. My dad came around 6:30, and meanwhile I was using my iPad.

A few hours later, I went to sleep. The next day, I woke up at 8:30 am, and I ate breakfast. Then I slept a little more. It felt like I was doing basically the same things I did yesterday. And again, a few hours later we picked up my sister.

We ate the same thing yesterday for dinner because that is what we normally do every two days. I was doing chores, and I felt like every day was the same. A few days later school started, and then my sister asked me something (again).

She asked, “Did you find my glasses yet?”

I mumbled, “No, not yet.”

“I really need them today. I need them today for something important.” She sounded severe.

“If I have time, I’ll try to find them today before school.”

She said a little angry, “Thanks, it feels great to get help.”

I didn’t tell her I forgot to look for her glasses because it might lead to bad things. I didn’t tell her or ask her anything because I didn’t have the time. I got ready for school really fast, but I panicked since she was leaving in ten minutes! I checked almost everywhere—for example, our kitchen, the living room, the bathroom even our parents’ room. My sister was helping me find her glasses.

I went to our room, and I checked under our beds, and my sister’s glasses were there!

She said relieved: “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” I said, a little bit stressed.

“I'm glad I can see more clearly from a distance.”

“Yeah, you really need them.”

Then my sister and I cracked up for a while. Then we went to leave my sister at school. I wasn't late for school, and neither was my sister. I also felt as small as an ant in school, but my sister and I had a great day.

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