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Isela. Age 11. San Pablo, California

It’s another lonely night of sitting in my room at my desk staring cluelessly at pre-algebra homework. I just don’t get it. How do I solve for “X” again? My brother always storms into my room without knocking and helps me with my homework. I usually take out a notebook and pencil and begin to take notes while listening to him.

”Are you ready?” my brother chuckles.

“Yes, I am.”

‘’When you are ready, I will begin.’’ Outside I can hear cars honk and the wind blowing the trees and some people laughing.

My brother is thirteen and his hair is black. His eyes are brown, and he is wearing baggy clothes. My brother is tall as a building.

My brother laughs at me because I am stuck on a problem. I want to give up on my homework because I got stuck. I messed up on the problem.

I try again and I get it right: now I know how to do it. I go on the next problem on the paper.

My mom comes in and says, “Are you finished?”

I say, “Almost.”

My mom’s eyes are brown and her clothes are baggy. She leaves the room.

My brother asks me, “Are you getting the hang of this?”

I say, “Yes.”

I am almost done with my homework and take out a paper to add it all up and on the first try I get it wrong. My homework is hard as a stone.

I get it right the next try. After I add it, he says it is right and I leave to get my notebook with my notes.

My brother says, “Are you back?”

I say, “Yes.”

I open my notebook and look at the notes that I got from class.

My brother exclaims, “Are those your notes?”

I say, “Yes, I did them in class.”

I use the notes I have in my notebook and I use them and think. I use them in my words and write them down on my paper.

My brother says, “Is it easy?”

I say, “Yes.”

I finish my homework and put it in my backpack, and I say thank you to my brother, and he leaves. I practice some time on it so I can do it again, but get it right on the first try, for it cannot be hard at all. My homework was easy as pie, and I have confidence.

I go to my mom and tell her, “I am finished.”

I leave and make up my own problem on a paper and write on another one and add it up.

My brother comes in and says, “Good job.”

I say, “Thanks.”

I will do it and, if I get it wrong, I will do it again. If I get it wrong, I don’t want to give up. I want to do my best at it. I will get stuck but I know I am trying my best at it. I put my notebook away and finish my problem.

I guess I’m not stuck on my homework anymore.

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