The Lost Cows
Angela. Age 11. San Pablo, California

This is about the time I helped my grandpa find his lost cows.

It was a hot summer morning here in Mexico, like always. My grandpa had asked us if we wanted to go help him milk the cows. We obviously said, “Yes!”

When we got to the farm, we didn’t see any cows. We searched everywhere, but there were still no cows to be seen.

I was with my cousin Yvette, who had brown hair, browner than chocolate milk, dark brown eyes, darker than dark chocolate, a bright t-shirt, bright shorts, and some Js.
Yvette said, “Let’s check the field.”

“Great idea!” I said.

I had a t-shirt on, some bright, colorful jeans, brighter than the rainbow, and some old boots, to not get my clean shoes dirty. I have brown big eyes, and black, wavy long hair.

“Hey, how about you and Alex go check the rancho?” my grandpa said.

My grandpa was tall, but not too tall. He had brown eyes like me, and black and white hair, like a skunk’s fur.

My cousin Alex had black hair, like all of us except Yvette, and he had brown eyes, like all of us. He’s the oldest and the meanest.

Alex and I went to the rancho and checked everywhere. They weren’t there.

Alex said, ”We checked everywhere, but there is nothing.”

“Hmmm…” my grandpa was thinking. Five minutes later, we were off.

“Where are we going? “ I said.

“You guys haven’t checked one place,“ my grandpa announced.

“Oh, this place we forgot,” we all said.

My grandpa grinned. We all looked puzzled. We then looked at each other and laughed.
There they were at last, munching on the greenest grass, greener than the green mountains. It was fantastic.

We finally went back to the farm and milked the cows.

“What took you so long?” my grandma said worriedly.

“Well that’s a long story!” Yvette said tiredly.

We laughed, and eventually were yelled at for not helping out. So while my grandpa and grandma were working, we got to selling the milk, and it was successful.

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