Itís All About the Raisins
Jasmine. Age 11. Springfield, Kentucky

Once there was a little girl who loved to eat raisins. Everyone teased her because they hated raisins and didn't like anyone to be different from them. She didn't like to be teased, so she decided to run away. So she packed up her things and fled to the woods. Her goal was to get to Canada and start a new life.

About two days into her journey, she met a poor old man named Huck. She shared her food with him, but while they were eating, the man asked her a question that she never would forget. "WHY are you running away?" She had never thought of that; she just did it.

So she decided to go home, and when she got there, she found her parents half worried to death, so she ran over to them promised never to run away again and cried with her parents. After that, she learned to view things in a positive way and lived a long happy life.

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