Six Friends and the Treasure Hunt
Naishaa. Age 7. Patiala, Punjab, India

Once upon a time there lived six friends in Australia. Their names were Falada, Bessie, Fanny, Murph, Lucy and James. They loved to travel from one place to another. Since they had never gone to India, they decided to go there. They took a taxi to the airport and soon left for India.

While they were travelling in the plane, Falada asked, “What’s the time?”

“It’s 1 pm” said Fanny.

“Perhaps it’s lunch time” added Bessie. After a while they heard a soft voice: “Lunch! Lunch! Lunch!”

Who was it? It was the airhostess!

She was serving lunch. She asked them, “What would you like to have?”

Murph replied, “Six sandwiches, please.”

Soon they arrived at their destination chatting merrily. They took a taxi to Chandigarh’s famous hotel—“Hotel Mountview.” The next morning, they left for a beautiful lake in Chandigarh. They bought six tickets for a boat ride. While they were boating, Lucy saw something wrapped on the foot of one of the ducks. She said, “Look at that duck’s foot.” All of them turned to look.

James said, “Let’s go closer to it,” and they all started moving towards it. They saw a piece of paper wrapped around the foot of the duck. Lucy gently unwrapped the paper from around the duck’s foot.

“Golly!” cried Lucy. Everybody wondered what it was.

Fanny asked Lucy, “What is it?”

Lucy said excitedly, “It’s a treasure map!”

“WOW!” replied everyone.

“Can we go for the treasure hunt?” asked Lucy.

“Yes!” replied everyone.

“But it's in America” said Bessie.

“Don't worry, Bessie. I'll book the tickets,” said James.

Then they went back to hotel. James booked the tickets and told the others that their flight was early in the morning the very next day. They woke up at five o'clock and left the hotel at six o'clock. They took a taxi to the airport. While they were travelling in the taxi, James was informed that their flight had been delayed by an hour. “Oh no!” cried James.

Everyone asked, “What’s the matter, James?”

James replied, “Our flight is going to be one hour late.”

“Oh dear!” they cried.

Soon passengers were called to start boarding their flight. All of them sat on their seats. Their flight took off at nine o'clock, Indian Time, and landed at nine o'clock, American time, in the night. They stayed at a wonderful hotel. The next day, they packed some things to eat in a basket and left for the park where the treasure seemed to be. After some time, they started feeling hungry and decided to open their picnic basket. James kept the map on the grass. A man secretly picked up the map and ran. After some time, when they were done with their picnic, James realized that the map was not where he had kept it.

”Oh no!” said James.

Everyone asked, “What’s the matter?”

“The map is lost,” said James sadly.

”What do you mean, ‘The map is lost’?” asked Bessie.

“Let’s ask around and see if somebody has seen it,” said Fanny.

They saw a girl standing near a small river in the garden. They asked her if she had seen an old- looking map.

She said, “Yes, a man with a map walked straight for about ten meters and then jumped inside the river.”

“What?” asked everyone.

“Yes,” she replied.

They went to the spot the girl had told them. They looked around to see if there was a bridge. But there was no bridge. It was so difficult to hunt for treasure now. Suddenly, the river split into two parts. And a door swung open.

“Wow!” exclaimed everyone. Suddenly, six chairs appeared for each of them to sit on. The chairs took them inside the door. They saw the same man who stole the map from them.

Bessie said, “We have caught you now!”

“Okay! I will give you the map. But first you have to answer my riddles,” said the man.

“But why do we have to answer riddles for our own map?” said Bessie.

“It’s all right, Bessie. It will be fun,” said James.

“OK!” said Bessie grumpily.

“Your first clue for the riddle is, ‘I have two eyes, but I cannot see.’ Your second clue is, ‘You eat me.’ Your third clue is, ‘I am a vegetable. Who am I?’” asked the man.

“Mmmmmm.......maybe a potato,” said Fanny.

“Yes,” said the man.

“Your second riddle is, ‘Another name of a woman, each of your hands has four of me. Who am I?’”

“Mmmmmmm…….maybe a Lady Finger,” said Bessie.

’’Oh no! You are correct again‘’ said the man. He was very disappointed. “I won’t let the map go easily,” thought the man, and he ran and hid in the jungle. Everybody ran after the man. There was a crossing there.

Suddenly, Fanny heard a voice. It said, “I shall exchange the map with another one.”
Fanny said, “Everybody, come here! Did you hear that?”

Everyone said, “Yes, we heard it. The man is going to exchange the map with some other map!” Suddenly the man saw their shadows and started running again. After some time, they saw a board saying, “Welcome to the Land of Goodies.”

When they entered it, they saw empty stalls and bakers sitting sadly. They asked one of the bakers, “What happened?”

He replied, “I don’t want to talk to anybody!”

Suddenly, they saw the man who had taken their map and started chasing him. The man stopped and opened a box lying on the ground. Inside the box, there was a bottle. The man drank the contents of the bottle and suddenly became a beautiful lady. She said, “Welcome to the Land of Goodies! I am sorry for stealing the map from you...I am the queen of the Land of Goodies.”

Everybody said, “Hello!”

The queen replied, “Come with me, you must be hungry...Would you like to eat something?”

Everyone said, “Yes!”

Suddenly, seven chairs appeared! The queen said, “Sit on these chairs! I’ll take you to my palace.”

And off they went flying on the chairs. They noticed that the bakers’ stalls were now filled with eatables.

They asked the queen, “Why did you steal our map?”

She answered, “I’ll tell you later. First, you must eat something.”

When they entered the palace, they saw that it was made of chocolates and candies. The queen took them to her dining hall. There were separate rooms for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. They started with appetizers and then moved on to main course and finally to the room of desserts. There were a chocolate fountain and ice-creams of all flavors along with many other tasty sweets.

Fanny reminded the queen, “Now, tell us why you stole the map.”

She started: “Many years ago, people of my land and humans were very good friends. One day a human came to the Land of Goodies. Everyone welcomed him, and I brought him to the palace. He told me he wanted to use the restroom, I waited and waited for him, but he didn’t return. So I started searching for him. I asked a guard if he had seen anyone going to the restroom. 'No, my Majesty,' said the guard. 'But I saw a man going into the room of treasures.' I quickly went into that room to check if something was missing, and then I found out that the map was stolen.”

The man had cheated. He stole the map and ran away. I went to look for him, but it was too late to stop him. He had escaped and poisoned the land of Goodies. This map was leading to a special medicine which can cure any type of poison in the Land of Goodies if a person from the royal family drinks it. This medicine is made once in ten years. This medicine’s location keeps changing every ten years and the map’s directions also keep changing as per that. I changed myself into a man so that no one would recognize me. That’s the story of this map.”

“I think we should go back now,” said James. They all said goodbye to the queen and went back to the hotel. They packed their bags and took a flight to Australia.

Fannie said, “What a tiring and exciting adventure! After reaching home I will only relax for a few days.”

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