An Unanticipated Foray
Clara. Age 14. Canada

This is an excerpt from a longer story.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was silence for five minutes.

"Charlie, answer the question," Julie said.

"Yes...I guess...but I don't want to move to Italy! Treegraze is where I've been since I was born..." Charlie complained.

"Then why don't we convince them to move to Treegraze, my friend?" Julie asked brightly.

"Why indeed, that's a splendid idea, my friend," Charlie grinned. They both laughed.

They both raced out to the living room, arms linked. Charlie kicked his shoes off, and so did Julie. They switched on the music and spun around the room. Julie's summery blue skirt sashayed in big circles as she twirled in her sock feet. They danced around the oak floors, smiling and laughing. They did the waltz...a jazz dance...a line dance, and then they just darted around here and there, creating a breeze that ruffled the linen blankets atop the cushioned couch. They took hold of each other's hands and swayed and twisted every which way. They danced their hearts out in a crazy way. Each did their own funky moves as the stereo blasted music. To end it, Charlie spun Julie around and leaned her back in his arm. He stuck his hand out and Julie kicked her leg up and waved her left hand for their grand finale. Julie looked upside down to see Ms. McNeil and Mr. Croskens. Julie's expression changed from happy to shocked, and Charlie's smile faded.
Julie quickly sprung up and off of Charlie; she smoothed out her skirt.

"Why hello Ms. McNeil and Mr. Croskens. How may I help you?"

Ms. McNeil smiled a mischievous smile. "Good evening to you too, Julieanna J. I'm here to speak with Charles Andrew McNeil-Martine." She gestured towards Charlie with ickyness.

"Please, do come in," Julieanna said politely.

They sat down on a couch. Julie lounged in a chair, while Charlie sat primly and uncomfortably on a chair.

"Charlie, why have you run away?" Ms. McNeil asked.

Charlie showed them the note. Ms. McNeil said, "It says your mother doesn't want you to live with us.”

“Which means you, Mother! It says that Citen doesn't like me so THERE you go. Why are you here anyway? To make me MORE miserable? You and Citen clearly don't like me and don't want any part of me, so why did you bother coming?” Charlie snapped.

"Charlie, don't you DARE use that tone..." Citen put a hand up to silence Charlie's mother.

"Why don't you try that in a calmer tone, baby Hun?" Citen suggested haughtily.

"Oh alright. Charlie, we came here because you need to apologize for what you did to Citen and for running away."

Charlie's face boiled up. Julie could tell he was about to explode with anger, and that he and his mom were about to get in a really heated argument.

Julie slid in next to Charlie and put her arm around his shoulder. "I know you're really angry and upset, but you need to take a deep breath and calm yourself down. A heated argument with your mother will get you nowhere but more angry and frustrated. I know this is really hard for you, but you're not alone. I will stay right next to your side for this whole fiasco, even if it takes hours on end." Julie whispered. She smiled and squeezed his shoulder. He smiled back and hugged her.

"Are you two dating?" Mr. Croskens inquired.

"No, we are not, Mr. Croskens. We are just really good friends," Julie assured him, taking her arm off Charlie.

"Charlie, apologize," Ms. McNeil cut in, glaring at him.

"I'm soooo sorry for dragging Citen to your dining room table and for running away," Charlie apologized. "There, I apologized. Happy?"

Ms. McNeil sprung up; her eyes were furious. "I can't believe you, Charlie. I really can't."

"Why can't you? Because I'm not the perfect son you dreamed of?"

"Don't you DARE use that tone with me, Charles."

"Well, why not?"

"I hate your attitude right now."

"You hate me, I hate you. Aren't we just one big happy family?" Charlie clenched his fists, his eyes burning with anger.

"I can't stand the mood you're in. I can't believe you're treating me like this."

"Well, you better believe it because it's reality. I know you just love living in your little fantasies," Charlie smiled evilly.

"That's it! You're grounded, and you're coming back with me, no questions!" Ms. McNeil screeched.

"No, I'm not. I'm going to see my father," Charlie said calmly.

Ms. McNeil sneered devilishly. "In your dreams!"

"No, Ms. McNeil. We're leaving soon. I bought the tickets," Julie told her.

"Oh, really now. Where'd you get all this money?"

"I'm rich. I have millions and millions and millions of dollars, ma'am," Julie smiled sweetly.

Ms. McNeil stormed out of the motel.

"Good day to you, too," Charlie called after her sarcastically. Charlie and Julie laughed.

"It isn't funny, dearest Charles. You have made your mother very upset," Citen said. He ran out the door, screaming, “Baby Hun, come back! Come back, Baby Hun!"

They both laughed. They smiled at each other and hugged.

"I'm so lucky to have a friend like you by my side," Charlie grinned.

Julie giggled, "Hey, I'm glad to have a friend like you too." They both grinned and hugged, laughing.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Charlie asked.

"Let's go pack!" Julieanna exclaimed, and they raced to their rooms.

Charlie shoved all his new clothes into a holey bag. "Ready!"

Julie neatly folded skirts, blouses, dresses, fancy tees, designer jeans, silk socks, and undergarments into her luxurious suitcase. She put flats, sneakers, heels, hats and accessories into her suitcase as well. She put makeup, books, notebooks, pens and more in her purse, including her passport and plane ticket.

Charlie bustled into Julie's room, grasping his bag. Clothes spilled out of the holes in his bag, all over Julie's room. He blushed deeply, embarrassed.

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