One Friday on Pine Street
Miguel. Age 12. San Pablo, California

It was one Friday on Pine Street. It was at 6 that my mom told my brother to go for some tacos to eat. When he got back we started to eat the tacos. It was me, my brother, my brother’s son, who is three, my mom, my dad, and my brother’s girlfriend. We were all outside my house on Pine Street. We could see cars passing by and we could feel the wind in our faces.

When we finished eating, my dad went to a meeting. My mom told my brother’s girlfriend to go to Ross and they took the little man. So now it was just me and my brother (his name is Manuel). We were just chilling, listening to music.

Then my brother Manuel got a call from his friend, who said, ‘’I was coming home from work, when my car just stopped. I was on the freeway and needed to get to a gas station to stop, but I knew that the car didn’t need gas.’’ He also said that he had got it to work after all, so he said, ‘’I am on the way,’’ and he hung the phone up.

After thirty minutes, we received another call from him saying that his car had stopped again. The good thing was that he was at a gas station. He asked if we could go and help him, so my brother said yes. The gas station was about thirty minutes away.

When we got there, we got out of the car, and Manuel’s friend said that he didn't know what was wrong. We stayed there for a while with him. My brother told him to start the car and just take it. I think that was the best idea that we had in mind.

So my brother’s friend did that and it worked! He got to his house safely, and we went to Pine Street. When we were pulling into the driveway, he called and said, ‘’I'll be at your house shortly with my girlfriend, my daughter, and my son.’’ He walked over to our house because he also lives on Pine Street, and when he got there we made a fire and some steaks. When he left he said, ‘’I am coming back tomorrow,’’ and the next day we had a barbecue with the neighbors on Pine Street.

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