My Family's Presents
Karla. Age 11. San Pablo, California

It was a cold Christmas Eve when I was helping my mom decorate our huge and wonderful Christmas tree. My two siblings were also helping. My dad was watching a world championship soccer game.

I suddenly remembered one very important thing: “I forgot to get everybody a present!”

My Auntie Mary was watching television in the living room. She was wearing a red scarf, black leggings, a white sweater, a headband, and jaguar-like boots as long as my baby sister Cristal’s arm. I asked her if she could take me to the mall so that I could buy my family some presents.

First we went to GameStop to buy my brother Daniel a game for his DSI. Then we went to the toy store to buy my baby sister a doll with a pink dress. Finally we went to J. C. Penney to shop for jewelry and clothes for my parents.

We found excellent presents for my mom, Karla, and my dad, Daniel. I found an elegant necklace for my mom. It was as shiny as a thousand stars. There was a little girl that also wanted that necklace for her mom. We started fighting over it and then it broke! The little girl ran away as if nothing had happened.

I got my mom another necklace instead. My Auntie Mary was shocked when the shiny necklace broke. I was also shocked, but not as shocked as she was. When we got home my parents were sleeping, so we wrapped up the presents as fast as a cheetah can run.

The next day was Christmas. My parents, my siblings, and my auntie were surprised to see all of those presents under our Christmas tree. I even got a present for my Auntie Mary since she took me to the mall. My family all pitched in to buy a soccer ball and a new pair of shoes for me. They said that they had gone to the mall too, and that I didn’t see them shopping. They were relieved when they opened their presents!

From that day on, I always bought my family a present or two, even my auntie. They also bought me a few presents because I always got them a couple of gifts.

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