House on Sanford Street
Elba. Age 11. San Pablo, California

It was a hot day when my mom asked, “What are you going to wear for your sister’s birthday? It is tomorrow.’’ I said, ‘’I don’t know. Where are we doing it?’’ “In your grandma’s house,’’ she said. When we got there, we were putting some stuff away for the party. My mom said when we were finished cleaning we would go the store to buy my dress. Then it was going to be my sister’s birthday.

We had to wake up that at 5:00 am. My mom said, “Elba, go shower.” We left after my mom said, “Stop making food for the party!’’ “I was done anyways,” I said.

There was a problem: my sister was late because she woke up at 6:00 am. When we got to my grandma’s house, my aunt said, “Go put your dress on.’’ We started to put the food on the table.

My family started to come. My sister’s godbrother and godsisters came to the party. I had to decide whether I wanted to dance or not, and I chose not to dance. My sister said, “Time to eat, people.” We were eating at a big table, and when we were done we went in front of my grandma’s house.

We had so much fun. Her godbrother and godsisters were funny; they told jokes. I was recording the whole party. People were talking. My sister and grandpa were dancing, and my uncle too. So I was recording the dance.

My sister was so happy. She’s always, always my big sister. So the party was over and everyone went home. My sister said, “Thank you, Mom.” Everyone was happy. My family was so tired because of the party, so everyone went to bed.

The next day we were cleaning because the backyard was a mess after the party. When we finished cleaning the backyard, my sister was putting the tables away. My aunt had come to help us clean and my cousins also came. My cousin and my sister and I scared his little sister. Then my mom said to get all of the cards to send to the family and friends.

Then my sister opened her presents. She was very happy. She opened mine. It was a necklace that says “Best Sister Ever.” After that she opened her godbrother and godsister’s present. It was a ticket to Disneyland. She was jumping around. The next day she was packing to go to Disneyland. When she was ready, my grandpa, my mom, my brother and I were going to take her to her godmother and godfather’s house.

When we got there, we said goodbye to her, and then we left. It took a long time to get home. When it was night time, everyone went to bed because it had been a long day for everyone. The next day was the longest for me. My mom said, “We need to go to the house my children,” so we went home. I was sad because my sister had left me alone.

It was a month later, and I was happy that she was coming home. I was jumping around in my room, cleaning up, when I heard the car pull in the driveway. I ran outside to welcome her back. The next day we had to go to school. I was bored in the classroom. I told my sister to not leave me alone ever again.

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