Stolen Presents
Mariana. Age 11. San Pablo, California

On a cold winter night, exactly one week before Christmas, I was watching YouTube videos when all of a sudden I heard a small rattle. I walked into the living room. “Aaah! My presents are all gone!” I screamed.

“Presents don't have legs, do they?” I mumbled to myself. “No they don't!” my Aunt Lea responded.

“One week before Christmas and I don't have any presents,” I growled. That night I didn't get much sleep. I was up thinking about my presents. The next morning, everyone was talking about their stolen presents. They all thought that Santa wanted them back.

We went looking for my friend Bella. When found I her, she said that she took a picture of the person who took her presents. “That's Mr. Howard, the evil man who hates Christmas.”

We all knew we had to go over to the tallest mountain to get our presents back. We all wore mittens, scarves, warm furry jackets, and boots. Bella, Alexa, Jessie, Annie and I crawled up the mountain. All of us crawled and crawled until we got to the top of the mountain. We got away from the dogs that surrounded the two-storey blue house. While we were walking, we came across two giant guards who were about 7’3’’. We were hiding behind the small closet wall.

“Sssshhhh,” I whispered. We crept behind them and BAM! hit them with a shovel. When we got to the master bedroom, Mr. Howard was opening our presents. Weird how he only had our presents.

“What???” We hit him with the same shovel we used to hit the giants. BAM!!!! We tied him up so he couldn’t leave. He woke up and broke out like the Hulk. He got Jessie! “Nooooooooooo!!!” I yelled at Mr.Howard. I needed to get Jessie, but I also needed to run. What do I do? Do I run or should I go get Jessie?

“Why do you want our presents?’’ I asked. “Don’t you remember you all took my presents.” “When?’’ “Two years ago.”

“Just write a letter to Santa.” I said.

“How?” he asked me.

“I’ll help.” Jessie said, to make up for taking Mr. Howard’s presents before.

“Okay,” said Mr. Howard. And from then on he wrote a letter to Santa every year, and always got a one or two presents (so he didn’t have to take anyone else’s!).

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