Babysitting Drama
Gregory. Age 11. San Pablo, California

One sunny afternoon in summer, my friend and I were sitting under a tree watching people walk by, listening to the everyday police cars near my neighbourhood. It was about ninety degrees. At that very moment, I was getting a strange feeling that something was going to happen.

Moments later, my mom received a call from my twenty-three-year-old sister. My sister was saying that her boyfriend went to jail for not having made his car payment. I could hear everything she was saying because the phone was on speaker. My sister asked if she could come over. My mom said that was fine.

My sister told my mom, “My boyfriend went to jail. He was caught by the police carrying drugs.”

My mom said,’’ You chose him. You knew he was going to cause problems throughout your life.’’ After they were done with their discussion, we all went to sleep.

The next day, my sister went on a search to find a place to live near where my mom lives. We looked and looked and couldn't find anything. Some houses or apartments were too expensive. At the same time, it felt as if we were inside an oven because of how hot it was.

So after all my sister lived with us for about a month. After a month, we got annoyed because almost every night the babies would wake up and make a lot of noise, so we could not sleep that well.

She started packing her clothes on my closet shelf. It looked like it was going to take a while, but since I helped her out, it wasn't that long after all. After that, she gave a bath to my nephews. Once she finished, we were going to “WIC,” a company that gives you a stamp card and you get free food for you and your child. But when she was giving the milk to my nephews, she dropped the keys in the car without noticing. She went to throw some garbage away, and the door closed by itself. All the doors were closed, and we didn't know what to do. My nephews were locked in the car. We called 911, and they sent the fire department.

Once they were there, they managed to open the car with an iron bar that went through the door. They had to be accurate to somehow hit and slide the lock button to open the door. They took a long time; meanwhile, my two nephews were crying inside the car. Finally they opened the door. We were all happy. Then the firemen gave me and my nephews helmets. They were pretty cool.

We left, and they opened the door to “WIC’’ at the end of Sanford, and then we went grocery shopping. We all decided to go eat at Subway.

Once we got home, we all watched TV. After a while, I heard the ice cream truck, and I went outside to buy ice cream. I didn't notice that I had left the door open and my nephews had followed me outside. When I turned around, my nephews were crossing the street. Behind my nephew was my other nephew. I was screaming,’’ No don’t cross!’’ But I saw someone running: it was my friend who lives next to me. He grabbed my nephew in time before he crossed the street. I thanked him, but I didn't tell my sister that had happened. I just kept it a secret; otherwise, my nephews would have gotten screamed at.

After three weeks or so, my sister went back to Sacramento and went to live with her boyfriend’s dad. Now she fine living there, but right before her boyfriend comes out of jail, she's going to move out.

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