Child Soldier
Kieran. Age 12. Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom
                      Younger than the age of eighteen
Recruited and stolen for war
Abused and manipulated
Drugs and alcohol to fire their bellies
To shoot the bullets that kill.

Sad, lonely and depressed
These children are all alone
No family and no support
Only have those in their 'unit.'
Deep down, they feel only sadness.
But they fight out of it like it was a passing dream.

Given weapons of mindless destruction
They make a statement to the world
Power corrupts their minds and pushes them forward
Ready to murder.

Fighting in the fields
Across the globe
Their hearts turned to stone
No tears of emotion
No road home.

Trying to escape the iron hands that bind them
Some have control of themselves to stop this madness
One sentence on their mind
‘Life or Death’?
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ISSN 1703-3020

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