A Girl Grown Up Too Fast
CJ. Age 13. Nampa, Idaho
                      Inspired by a girl who truly grew up too fast

Her clothes are in the fashion,
She’s never out of style.
And you’ll never see her cry,
She’s perfected that fake smile.

She doesn’t try to change,
Though she knows that she’s a fake.
She still can’t tell,
But she’s made a big mistake.

And so she puts on makeup,
To cover up the lies.
On goes blush and eyeshadow,
‘Cause there’s sadness in her eyes.

Her real self is muted,
She’s afraid to let it shine through.
But when she’s all alone,
She might just show it to you.

She’s no different than you or me.
It’s true that she acts older.
And though she seems to have courage,
She isn’t at all bolder.

We know who she is,
Though we don’t want to say,
And for her sake, I will not
Name her name today.

She simply is:
A girl grown up too fast.
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