On Halloween Night
Kayla. Age 11. San Pablo, California 

It was a dark night. My brother and I were setting up for Halloween. Out of nowhere my mom started to ask so many questions that my brother fell asleep, so we woke him up to tell him to hang up the orange lights.

My sister and brother left to go to Target to get more decorations. My brother and I went outside to put fake hands and feet on the floor. My brother and sister finally got back. They had bought jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, and more.

“Where should I put these fake hands and feet?” my brother asked.

“Put them in different spots, but try not to put them so close to each other,” my sister replied loudly.

Finally, the party started. I dressed up as a gorilla, and my brother dressed up as a ninja turtle. I started to scare a lot of people. I screamed so loudly that I made three kids run away. Out of nowhere, the kids came back. My sister came out as a hobo.

My mom just left for work. Then Alondra, Imari, Alely, and Karla showed up. My sister and I built a coffin, so I could scare people. My brother was hanging from a tree. My other brother and sister were hanging out and eating pizza. I ate spaghetti.

We ran to the store to get more drinks. “What kind of drinks should we get?” I yelled.
“Get orange and Sprite,” my sister yelled back.

We were walking back home when we saw a dead cat, all was black and bloody. So we just kept on walking. We got back home and our brother scared me and my sister. I accidentally punched him so hard that his nose started to bleed. The party finally ended.

We cleaned up and went inside. We went to our rooms and went to sleep. During the night, at 4:00, my sister asked if I could pass her the headphones. After that we enjoyed the rest of the night.

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