Helping Friends Out
Caiden. Age 11.

When I was in the grocery store, I saw a little girl standing by herself. So I walked up to her and said, “Are you lost?”

She said, “Yeah.”

I wanted to help her find her mom, but in a few minutes I had to leave. The little girl found her mother, and I felt relieved. I went home.

The next day, my sister had her finger stuck in the table. I tried to get her finger out of it by myself, but my dad came out of the bathroom and helped me get her finger out. When her finger slid out of the table, she said, “Ouch! That really hurt!” She never stuck her finger in the table ever again.

The next day, my good friend Calvin was pushing a tire on the sidewalk. He was pushing a new tire to his house because his grandpa had a flat tire. So I helped him push it. When we got there, we were on a hill. The tire kept rolling down the hill at my friend’s grandpa’s house. Calvin and I ran down the hill as fast as we could and got in the way to stop it. Our hands were burning.

Calvin and I ran inside the house. On our way to the bathroom, I said “Hi” to Calvin’s grandpa and ran inside the bathroom, washed my hands with cold water, and watched TV with Calvin until I fell asleep.

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