The House on Haunted Street
Janice. Age 11. San Pablo, California

One day I was in my room writing and listening to music. I was all alone: no parents, no sisters, just me. It was really relaxing, not hearing my parents shout my name or having my sisters coming in and out my room. I was basically having the time of my life, but that got ruined. Someone was knocking.

I checked the window and I saw a lady. She had dark circles around her eyes and wrinkles all over her face. I’m going to say my creepy neighbour.

“Ughh.. What do you want?” I said while opening the door.

“I want you to turn down your music!” she said, screaming right in my face.

“Okay, fine,” I replied.

I walked back in my room, realizing the volume wasn’t that loud. So why would she have a problem?

“Wow, for an old lady she has some good ears!” I wanted to tease her so I opened my window and put the volume even higher than before. I was about to start writing again when I heard a knock.

I walked through the lonely hallways. I knew it was going to be my neighbour, so I opened the door without bothering looking up.

“What do you want, n-?” but before I could finish my sentence, I looked up and the lady wasn’t there. “Helloooo?” I stepped outside to check who it was, but with no luck. There wasn’t anybody. I walked back in the house like nothing happened and closed the door. I went to the kitchen to grab a drink, but I heard a knock once again. This time I was a little bit scared and creeped out. I dropped my glass cup and looked at it for a second. Then I slowly turned around.

I put my hand on the doorknob but couldn’t twist it because I couldn’t feel my hand. I took a deep breath and opened the door once again. There wasn’t anyone. Then I heard a knock on the back door. “Oh no,” I thought.

The back door was in my mom’s room, which leads to the backyard. I opened the door very slowly, realizing my parents’ furniture was gone. All I saw were candles on the floor. “What?” I said in confusion. I leaned against the wall trying my best to stay away from the candles. I opened the door and saw a black figure. It saw me and started to get closer.

“Nooooo.. stay away from me or… or I'll call the police,” I stuttered.

I looked around and grabbed the nearest thing—a candle! I ran back to the figure and, once the candle touched the ground, the figure disappeared.

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