Does Prison Work?
Kieran. Age 12. Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom
                      Prison is for criminals
To protect the innocent
To provide justice for the dead
To make people think again about the crimes committed
To reform those who are stuck there forever
To follow the rules of the law.

Charles Bronson
Tottenham fan, Arsenal hater
Britainís notorious criminal
30 dead, 10 taken
A 'lonely hell' of 34 years

Criminals lying in darkness in their lonely cells
Thinking over their pitiful sins
Their thoughts begin to fade
Their eyes begin to droop.
However, the nightmares keep coming
The spirits of the dead mock them
About how they have got their retribution.

But not for all,
The ancient overcrowded walls
Are home to the innocent amongst the deceitful
The suffering of families left on the outside
What hope is there for human restoration?

Prison is the answer!
Those who commit crimes
Must take the consequences
Away from society and loved ones
Out of harmís way
Where we are all safe and secure.
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