Sierra Seasons
Angela. Age 11. San Pablo, California
                      Itís that time of year again
When flowers begin to bloom
like newborn babies
Itís Spring!
A refreshingly glorious season
has been born

When Summer has just begun
The hot blazing sun
is like a blazing hot fire
It becomes a teenage dragon
breathing flames
Summer is the hottest season ever

When Fall has begun
Everything dies
Trees, leaves, grass, and flowers
Slowly fade away
like dust in the desert
Since some animals will soon hibernate
Other Animals will fight each other for food
Just like the Hunger Games
All things will soon slow down
quickly, way too quickly

When Winter begins
Almost everything is gone
Except the winds
They will blow hard
Snow falls
From the icy, cold, blue sky
Freezing like a freezer
Animals have faded away
All surroundings are dead like a corpse
Too weak to bloom
The year has ended way too soon
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