Snake on the Loose
Ashley. Age 10. San Pablo, California

One hot sunny day in my backyard, Karla and I were fighting with water balloons. They were as clear as glass cups. Then we heard a hiss. It was a snake as shiny as silver. The snake’s skin was a faded brown color, patterned with small triangles. Its fangs were white as a blank sheet of paper and shiny as a diamond.

When it slithered away, Karla and I tried to get it before it hurt someone. After we thought of getting the snake, it bit my dog. Karla and I got into a conflict because she let the dog out.

“Why did you let the dog out?” I yelled angrily

“I am sorry, Ashley,” Karla said miserably.

“Don’t just stand there, call the veterinarian!” I was annoyed.

Then the veterinarian came to pick up the dog. When the veterinarian came, she asked us to come with her, but we said “No.” We heard the hiss again. Then we saw the snake. It bit me a little, and I was bleeding. I was afraid.

The neighbour came over wearing some earrings, just like gold, and wool pyjamas and slippers like Cinderella’s.

“What happened?” the neighbour said curiously.

“Nothing happened,” Karla said bossily. “Are you OK?” asked Karla. She sounded sincere.

“I am OK. Can you give me a bandage, please?” I asked her.

Once Karla gave me the bandage, the snake came closer, so we went inside the house. We had to choose between killing it or leaving it there for a while. The discussion about what to do took about five minutes, so we chose to leave it there for a while.

Karla and I were starving, so we made sandwiches. The sandwiches were delicious.

We waited for one hour until someone knocked at the door. It was the veterinarian with my dog, Lucy. Lucy is like a coffee color with brown eyes.

I was so glad that Lucy came. This was my big moment because she was fine. We went back to try to get the scary snake. Karla and I were really scared.

Once we found the snake again, Karla called the animal catcher. Once he came, he got the snake. The man looked brave. He had a hat that looked like a green leaf, and he also had some skinny jeans that looked really tight, like if you were hugging someone really hard. He had a black shirt and some dirty looking shoes.

”Thanks for getting the snake,” I said gratefully.

”No problem,” the man said with a friendly smile. Finally, our house was clear of a hungry snake!

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