Alien Invasion at Collingwood
Graeme. Age 7. Calgary, Alberta

It was 9:00 a.m. There was a sound; it went dew, dew, dew. Boom! Crash! “What was that sound?” asked Peyton.

“I don’t know,” said Ayden.

The two aliens, Scarden and Liam, were using axes to break into the school. Now the sky was getting darker. It was 9:35 A.M.

“I wonder why the sky is getting darker?” thought Alex. “It feels like feels like 6:00 A.M.”

“What’s that loud noise?” asked Peyton.

Then Sam ran out of the class, then came back. “There’s aliens breaking into the school!” said Sam.

‘That’s the noise?’’ asked Peyton.

Suddenly the bell rang. Sam nodded, “Yes.”

Later that week, the classroom looked way different; they had lost lots of stuff. One day next week they had a plan. They had a plan they were going to dig a hole outside and put recycling in it. They also bought two packs of paperclips to catch the aliens. They also made snow walls to hide behind. The next day at recess, the kids saw the aliens.

Peyton said, “Hide!”

So Peyton, Ayden, Sam, and Alex hid behind ice near the UFO, so they could send them back to space. The aliens came to eat. Peyton, Ayden, Sam and Alex caught the aliens and threw them into the UFO.

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