The Colors of the Galaxy
(A New Greek Myth)

Natalie. Age 12. Richmond, California

In a little town there was a man named Jack. He was a painter, just like his dad, Jon. He used to sell his art all the time. Jack would sell it for a lot of money. People would think that Zeus himself taught Jack. But Jack told all the people that Zeus did not teach him. He learned on his own. Jack would also say that if the god Galaxy challenged him, he would fall on his knees in sadness. Then Jack went home to finish up his painting. After that an old man came. But under the old man was Galaxy. His power was to control the stars. He lived in Mount Olympus where all of the gods lived. He had another power, that he could disguise himself as a human.

“You think that you are better than a god, yet are you a god?” said the old man.

“You stupid old man! I am better then all of the gods I know, so if Galaxy had the nerve to come down here I would win any contest!!” said Jack.

“Then I offer you a challenge. Which one of us is a better painter?” asked the old man.

The next day the old man and Jack met again and they sat down together. The old man was painting humans who were trying to be like the gods and humans being banned from their home and their family. Jack was painting the gods being sad and lonely, and gods being sent to earth and humans taking the gods and the goddesses’ place.

“How dare you paint that about the gods and goddesses?” said the old man

“How dare you paint things that disrespect your own kind?” said Jack.

The old man slapped Jack. Then Jack fell on the floor. The old man threw his painting supplies up into the air as high as he could. Then, far far far away, high in the air, there were colors in space. There were swirls of blue and purple. After that, the stars were out. After Jack fell on the ground, he stared at the old man. He was thinking, ‘’How can an old man throw so far?” After a minute he exclaimed, “You are a GOD!!”

He screamed so loud the babies were crying from their homes. The old man looked at Jack. Jack looked back at the old man, who had a mad face. His eyes looked black, like the old man had a bad idea. “What if I am?” said the old man.

The people were looking at the old man and Jack, who were staring at each other. The old man punched Jack in the face. He went flying like a bird in the sky. After that the people were screaming and running like crazy!! It was chaotic.

Then the old man walked away.

This is how the galaxy got its beautiful colors. But when you see these colors think of it as a painting. But not just a painting, a colorful one.

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