How Rain Came to the Earth
(A New Greek Myth)

Isela. Age 12. San Pablo, California

A goddess named Ella slept on the clouds every night, and would awake to the soothing singing voice of Apollo. She always slept on a cloud that was near his home on Mount Olympus because they were the best of friends.

Ella was the goddess of rain. It would only rain whenever Ella was sad or lonely. Since she found happiness listening to Apollo’s songs, it would never rain in Greece. Ella had beautiful hair like soft rabbit fur. Apollo was the god of sun, poetry, light, and music. That is why he would always sing to her every morning.

Ella would get off her cloud, and go with Apollo to Mount Olympus. They would always play outside. In the sky next to Apollo’s home there was an empty home, but today there was a family moving in. There was a boy coming out of the house going to the wagon to get his stuff. He was wearing blue clothes, and his hair looked like soft cloth.

“We should go say hi”. Ella said.

“OK, let’s go!” Apollo said.

They knocked on the door, and waited for someone to answer. Then someone opened the door.

“Hi, are you moving into this home?” Ella said.

“Yes, I am going to move into this home,” the boy said.

“Do you want to play with us?” Apollo said.

“OK!” the boy said.

They went outside, and Ella got her ball. They were throwing it up in the air. Then the boy’s mom called for him. He stopped playing, and he walked up to the door.

“Maybe we can play another day,” the boy said.

“It is getting late, maybe we should go inside,” Ella said, and Apollo agreed.

Ella got her ball and went inside, and Apollo went to his house. The next morning Apollo sang to Ella so she would wake up, and she did. They both got up and went outside.

“Should we call the boy to come play with us?” Ella said.

“OK,” Apollo said

They went up to the door and knocked and waited for someone to open the door. When the boy opened the door, Apollo asked if he wanted to play. “OK, let me get my coat,’’ the boy said. The boy put on his coat, and they started to play with the ball.

For Ella it was dinner time, so she went inside to eat dinner. They kept on playing with Ella’s ball, while Ella was inside eating dinner. When she was done, she came outside.

“It’s late. Maybe we should go inside,” Apollo said.

“OK,” Ella said in a gloomy voice.

Apollo went to his house, and Ella went to her cloud. The next morning, Ella woke up but she did not hear Apollo’s voice singing for her to wake up. She looked out the window and she saw Apollo and the boy playing outside, and she got so mad that she cried, and it started raining really hard. Ella got off her cloud and went on Mount Olympus and started playing with them.

She went back inside to get her coat and to get her ball to bring it outside to play, but they were playing with sticks.

“We don’t need the ball. We are going to play something else.” Apollo said.

“OK!” Ella said in a mad voice.

“Are you okay? You seem upset,” Apollo said.

“Well, you have a new friend!” Ella said angrily.

“Maybe we should not be friends anymore,” Apollo said to the new boy.

“I should not get in the middle of your friendship,” the boy said.

“She is just jealous,” Apollo said.

“No, I am not” Ella argued.

“Don’t get mad at each other,” the boy said. “Let’s all be friends.”

‘’Ella and I are not friend anymore!” Apollo protested.

Apollo and the boy walked away. Ella was crying. Ella had no friends. She was lonely. Ella had lost her best friend since that boy had moved onto Mount Olympus. Ella went on her cloud crying, and it started to rain really hard because Ella was sad, mad, and had no friends.

While the rain continued to pour outside, she sat alone on her cloud. And this is how rain came to the earth.

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