Why We Have Earthquakes
(A New Greek Myth)

Jonathan. Age 11. Richmond, California

One clear, sunny morning, all the gods were out having fun with their friends and family on Mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is a high mountain where all the gods live. Zeus was old, but he was stronger than a giant; he was the king of the gods. Quake was a normal human. He was as strong as a gorilla, but not as strong as the gods.

This is how Quake and Zeus first met. It was a sunny day with green grass and big strong trees. Quake and Zeus were at the market buying fruits and vegetables for their families. Quake and Zeus were running as fast as the speed of light to buy food. They met while they were buying apples.

“Hi, my name is Zeus. What's your name?” said Zeus.

“Hi, my name is Quake. Nice to meet you,” Quake responded.

The next day Zeus and Quake met again at the market.

“Quake, do you see those beautiful mountains?” said Zeus.

“Yes, what about those mountains?” responded Quake.

“I live on those mountains. You should visit me someday,” said Zeus.

“OK,” responded Quake.

The very next day was stormy and it was raining. Quake and Zeus were at the market. Since it was raining and they were both outside, Zeus invited Quake to his home on Mount Olympus. When Quake got to the top of Mount Olympus, Quake realized Zeus was a god.

Quake went inside to eat burgers and hotdogs with all the gods. Then Quake stood up and asked, “Do you want to play a game of catch?”

“Yes,” responded Zeus.

Zeus threw the baseball at Quake lightly. When Quake caught the ball, Zeus gave Quake a high five and accidently knocked him down into the center of the earth. Every time Quake tried to move, he shook the earth. When people heard the story of Zeus and Quake, the people called the earth's movement an earthquake.

When Zeus heard this story, he went down to earth to try to find Quake.

“Quake, where are you?” yelled Zeus. When Zeus found Quake, Zeus turned Quake into a monkey so he could climb out of the hole. When Quake climbed out of the hole, Zeus turned him into a human again.

“Thank you for helping me, Zeus,” said Quake.

Later that day, Quake was at home, mad at Zeus for knocking him down to the center of the earth. Quake ran outside as fast as the speed of sound. When Quake saw Zeus he wanted to play another game of catch. “I don't think that's a good idea,” Zeus said. Quake got mad at Zeus, and while Zeus was walking away, Quake threw the ball at Zeus. Zeus turned around with an angry face and threw the ball at Quake as hard as he could. The ball caught on fire and hit Quake. Quake got launched back into the center of the earth. Zeus looked down the hole and said to Quake, “I told you it wasn't a good idea,” and walked away.

Quake found he had to remain in the hole for eternity. Every time Quake tries to move he shakes the earth. This is how earthquakes entered the world.

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