(A New Greek Myth)

Alondra. Age 12. San Pablo, California

Have you ever wondered how the first friendship began?

Well, it all started like this. A long time ago in Ancient Greece, there lived four girls who were the daughters of four different gods. They all lived in separate villages that were close to Mount Olympus, where all the gods lived. Each of these daughters was the youngest in her family.

All of their fathers, who were gods, hated each other.

The first family in this story is Zeus’ family with his wife Hera and his only daughter Heart. Heart’s father was able to help her control her powers, since she had the exact same powers as her father. She had long brown hair that went down to half her back, and her eyes were as brown as chocolate. Zeus was the king of the hill. He wanted his daughter to follow in his footsteps.

The second family is Armon’s family. The family had four people in it. He had a wife named Josephina, a son named Sparticus, and a daughter named Eclipsa. She had long straight dark hair with bangs all the way to the right covering half of her forehead and one eye, wore dark colors and didn’t show much emotion. She also had dark black-brown eyes that showed some light in them like a little sparkle of a star. She controlled the eclipse by herself while her brother had a different power.

The third family is Manalo’s family. The mother was named Artemas, and the only daughter was Moona. Moona had golden eyes as bright as the sun, and had long wavy hair that was white and gray. She rose and set the moon and even sometimes when the moon was not so full but like an arch she would lie down and sleep on it.

The last family is Apollo’s family. Apollo was the god of the light and sun. His wife was named Crystal and the only daughter was Flora. Flora was able to control the flames. She had emerald green eyes, hair that was black mixed with a little brown, with one part that was long and the rest short, a warm smile, and she often wore torn pants and sometimes ripped tank tops.

All the girls were fourteen years old but had never met. The families were rivals with each other. Now the story goes like this.

The girls met each other on a sunny day up in the hills. They were all going to the same spot and went together. When they made it to the top of the mountain, they started to bond. They had some things in common.

Days went on and the girls got along. When they started getting to know each other, they found out that their families were rivals, but that didn’t stop them from seeing each other, until one day when Heart went home from the mountains she saw that her dad Zeus seemed irritated.

“Hello, father,” said Heart.

“Hello. Where have you been?” asked Zeus.

“I was on Mount Olympus, like always.”

“Were you with somebody?”

Heart did not respond.

“One of the gods told me you were spending time with our rivals’ daughters. Is this true?”

“Yes, father.”

Heart looked away.

“I see. Well, I am not allowing you to see these girls again. You are not permitted to go back to that mountain.”

“But don’t you think this is good. That I am not alone and get to be with people my age?” she said.

“It is good but not with our rivals. Now go to your room!” he yelled, and with that she went to her room with her head down, on the verge of tears.

Heart had an idea to write a letter for them to talk. In the letter she wrote to the girls to sneak out at night when their family members were asleep and to go to the mountains to talk and figure things out. So late at night the girls headed to the mountains. They sat down and talked and when Heart explained everything that happened they hugged each other until Eclipsa broke the hug and spoke.

“Even though this is a bad time, I think I found out what to call each other.”

“Ooooo, what is it?!” Moona replied with full excitement

“We could call each other best friends and the relationship called friendship”

“I like it!” Flora replied with a bright smile

“We are best friends!” Heart exclaimed, but after she said that last word, they heard a flash of thunder. Heart knew that it was her father.

Everything seemed to go crazy. They knew one thing to do. They ran to the top of the hill. They saw their fathers coming straight for the hill.

All the girls held hands and said powerful words. They started to glow and float. With all the powers put together the parents heard a loud BOOM from the hill like an earthquake. A flash of light spread across and the girls were gone.

The only thing that was left was a necklace of the girls’ powers all together. When the parents saw this necklace, they cried. They picked up the necklace carefully and took it. A week passed and the gods made a special place in the middle of the mountain in memory of the girls.

That necklace is in a glass case on Mount Olympus, the mountain where it all happened. The families got along after that. The girls’ souls are in that necklace and are together. It is special because these girls made history. And so years passed and people remembered the story and history of these four girls.

This story is a reminder about the power of friendship.

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