Island of the Tsunamis
(A New Greek Myth)

Emily. Age 11. San Pablo, California

A long time ago in Ancient Greece near Mount Olympus there was a beautiful island with white sand and a crystal clear aqua blue sea. This island was very close to a similar island, so close most people could swim between them. Here, when the sunset began, baby crabs crawled out of the sea making scratchy noises with their pincers. Dolphins jumped happily and did backflips while high above the sea. Sea turtles stretched their necks to Zeus and Nami to say hello.

Zeus loved sea creatures so much that most of them became his own pets. The pets loved Zeus too, except when he gets angry.

Zeus lived with his wife Nami in a cabin-styled castle. Zeus was a happy, calm person. When he was relaxing, the sea had soft waves and the whole island was quiet with a little splashing noises. When he was happy, the sea started to get a little bit of a breeze in the water for a perfect day of swimming. When he was MAD, this sea and any random ocean could have a tsunami. Nobody liked that

Tsunamis got started when it was a cloudy day and Zeus was near the ocean. Out of nowhere, someone bumped into Zeus, fell in the water, and made a big big splash. He was angry as a raccoon standing up on two legs.

“HEY, WATCH OUT!” he said angrily.

‘‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to.’’

‘‘What’s your name?”


He saw how beautiful she was and said, ”Oh, sorry I screamed at you. My name is Zeus.’’

‘‘I understand. I wasn’t looking where I was going,’’ Nami said smiling.

Zeus and Nami got married on the day that marked two years of knowing each other, the day when he fell in the water. Zeus and Nami wanted to name the big humongous wave that had been created then. Zeus thought of Zeusnami, but thought that it was a little selfish. Nami thought of Zeusandnami . Finally they thought of Tsunami, and that’s how “tsunamis” got their name.

One day Zeus suddenly heard a noise where his castle was. When he entered his castle, it was half destroyed. He was so mad his face was like a tomato. You could see more and more boats coming toward his island with weapons. Zeus and his wife knew people would try to kill him to prevent tsunamis from happening. They stayed on the island, standing on a path of sand. Since he was mad that his castle was destroyed, there were three tsunamis in the sea off the island. All the people left. Zeus and his wife were so happy they called that island “Island of the Tsunamis.”

A year after the castle was destroyed, Nami was pregnant. Zeus and Nami were so happy!! After the baby girl was born, they wanted to name her Zeana. Zeana looked more like Nami and Zeus. Zeana also loved sea creatures. She had a new-born turtle that was injured and lost as a pet.

Zeus, Nami, and Zeana lived with no more drama, no trouble, no bothering. But there is always a tsunami with a storm or grey clouds that comes out when Zeus gets angry. The good thing is that he does not get angry a lot.

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