Why Do Leaves Change Colors?
(A New Greek Myth)

Elba. Age 11. San Pablo, California

Long ago there was a Greek god named Insidious who was the brother of Zeus. Insidious made the leaves change colors for the season that was coming up. He’s also married Hera’s sister, Cassie. Insidious’ powers were to create paint for the leaves. He lived on a mountain in a small village with his wife and two kids, a girl named Talia and a boy named Alexander. Alexander’s eyes were green like the grass. His hair was brown like a bear’s fur. Talia’s hair was black like Insidious’, as were her eyes. Insidious’ father was an ancient Greek god. Insidious had black hair like cat’s fur. His eyes were blue like the sea.

It was a fall day. Insidious was going to paint the leaves because it was time for the leaves to change color.

One day a boy named Max asked, “Why do leaves change colors?”

The problem was that the kid hated it when the leaves changed colors a lot. The next day the kid wished that the leaves would stop changing colors. His wish came true. Insidious stopped painting.

Then the kid said “Why aren’t the leaves changing colors?” His mom came in his room and said, “Because your wish came true.”

“But I didn’t mean it!” he said. Insidious was surprised when the kid said that. He thought that Max hated when he painted the leaves. Insidious was thinking about what Max said all day.

Insidious had two choices to make. He could either paint the leaves again, or he could stop painting forever. He chose the first one. “I’m going to change the leaves,” said Insidious. Then he did.

The kid was happy again. “Thank you,” said Max.

Then Insidious got sick, so he didn’t have time to paint the leaves so they couldn’t change.

“Why are you not painting the leaves?” said Max.

“I don’t have time to paint the leaves” Insidious said.

“Did someone teach you how to paint?” asked Max.
“No one taught me how to paint. I practiced day and night!” Insidious said.

A few days later, Insidious got better and he started to paint again. “What a wonderful day today,” Insidious said.

An old man said, “I challenge you to a painting contest.”

“May the best man win” he said. They were painting until the challenge was over and Insidious beat the old man.

One year later, Insidious was talking to his wife Cassie, and to his kids Talia, and Alexander.

Alexander said to his father “When will I take over the seasons?”

“Someday my son,” said Insidious.

Talia said to her mom, “What will I do?“

“That is all up to you, my sweetie” said Cassie.

Three years later, Insidious got really sick again. Alexander had take over till his father gets better.

The leaves started to change because it was time for it. Max said, “The leaves are not the same color.’’

Insidious said to Alexander, “I heard the boy said that the leaves are not the same colors. Why?’’

Alexander said, “Okay, father, I will paint like you. Please forgive me.”

Insidious got better, and then he started to paint again, but not right away, because it was January. He was going to paint the leaves in the fall, because he wanted to make everyone happy about all the colors.

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