The Power of Lightning
(A New Greek Myth)

Andrew. Age 12. San Pablo, California

A long time ago there was a man named Hydro Olympus. He was skinny and tall and had blue eyes. Hydro Olympus controlled the power of lighting. He was the good member of the Lightning Clan. Hydro Olympus’ best friend was William Foxwell. He had black eyes and white hair and had a son named Jackson Fox. They both defeated a member of the other clan named Steve Coast. Steve Coast had the power of water.

Hydro Olympus and William Foxwell worked together to fight clans that would kill or had power. William’s power was fire. A couple of days later, Ken Smith, the clan leader, came and tried to defeat William and Hydro Olympus. Ken had the power of fire and water. Ken was a bad enemy because he killed people that were good in the Lightning clan.

“I want to defeat you!” Ken shouted.

Hydro and William were in a battle. Whenever Ken was hurt, he would escape from them. Sometimes William would chase Ken for what he did to the Lightning clan.

“STOP!” William shouted.

“I’M CHASING HIM!!” Hydro yelled.

Suddenly, they saw him stop, and they were wondering what would happen if they got closer. “We go on the count of three!” William and Hydro said quietly.

When they both counted to three, they got close enough to attack, but Ken wouldn’t be hurt. William and Hydro were the ones getting hurt because there was a certain power that Ken had. So William and Hydro ran because they were hurt badly. After they ran away, they went to the Lightning clan and got some help because there were medical supplies there and a doctor.

“We were attacked by Ken!” Hydro said.

“Who’s that?” the Doctor asked.

“He’s a clan leader who destroyed the Lightning clan long ago with our family,” Hydro explained.

A couple of days later, William and Hydro were healed after what happened. They wanted to find out what kind of power Ken had. Hydro and William went to where Ken’s clan was, and when they got there, they saw a lab. They both looked, and they saw the same power that Ken used. Ken was in the lab with his people.

“Let’s get in there,” Hydro said quietly.

“No,” William said.

“Why not?” Hydro asked.

“There’s people inside,” William said.

They thought they would wait for everyone to leave. When everyone left, they went in and saw Ken.

“Hahaha!” Ken laughed.

Ken laughed to think that William and Ken could defeat him. They both attacked Ken, and his power’s weakness was bombs. Soon they were throwing bombs until the power stopped working. After they destroyed the power, they were fighting. William and Hydro were defeating Ken. Ken was hurt, but then his people came and started shooting Hydro and William with weapons.

Hydro and William ran away for a minute, and then they attacked Ken until he was defeated. So then when Ken was defeated, Hydro and William went back to the Lightning clan and never had to be worried about Ken killing the Lighting clan or others. Hydro and William rebuilt the Lightning clan.

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