Mixing Things Up
Stephany. Age 12. San Pablo, California

Everyday my aunt constantly tells me to put things in the right place. She tells me, “Steph, pick up your coat from the floor.” “Steph, the forks go on the left and the knives and spoons on the right.” But every day, I just blow her off and say, “Whatever.” Well, maybe all those mornings she kept on bugging me and all those afternoons she kept on telling me to do things right, I should've listened to her.

All of this started one hot summer afternoon, when she came from work. I told her I was going to dye my hair, and she said she was also going to dye her hair. I told her I was going to dye my hair red, and she told me she was going to dye her hair blond. Well, before we even started dying our hair, we fixed the table so when my uncle and dad came home from work the table would be ready for them to serve their food. But like always my auntie wanted to tell me what to do.

Eventually, I just ignored her like always. By the time my uncle and dad were home, they started eating while we started dying our hair. She told me to go get two cups. She said something about the two cups, but I didn't listen to her. So I got two blue cups. I put my dye and her dye in the blue cups. My aunt went to wash the dishes before she started dying her hair. She told me to start to dye my hair.

I looked at the two blue cups. I didn't know which one was mine, so I took the one that looked more like red. After I finished dying my hair, I went and threw the blue cup with the hair dye in the trash. After I did that, I rolled up my hair with the towel. While I was doing that, my aunt started dying her hair. After she was finished, she rolled up her hair into a towel. I started taking a shower while her hair was drying.

After I was done taking a shower, I went to my room to change and she started taking a shower. While I was in my room, I could hear my dad and my uncle watching television. When I was done changing, I heard my aunt getting out of the shower, and while I was waiting to see her hair, I took the towel off my head and started brushing my hair. I looked at my hair and screamed as if I were being kidnapped. I could hear my aunt screaming too. I ran to the hallway and looked at her hair, and she looked at my hair.

My dad and uncle came running as quick as lighting to hallway and asked us what was wrong. My aunt and I screamed and said, “Our hair!” My hair came out all blond and her hair came out red. She looked at me with this face and said, “This is your fault. I bet you got the same color of cups after I told you not to do that.” Right there in that moment, I remembered she said something about the cups.

She said, “Thanks a lot, Steph. Now I have to go to work like this!” From that moment I felt really bad and hurt that she got mad at me. Eventually I dyed my hair red and she dyed her hair blond. She didn't talk to me or bug me for a whole week. I kept on telling myself that I missed her bugging me every day because it wasn't the same. Eventually she started talking, and then as days went by she started being normal and started bugging me again.

My aunt started talking to me, and I have to listen to her, even if it annoys me sometimes because she wants the best for me. From that day and on, I have always listened to my aunt. Well, maybe not quite always because we still had our ups and downs sometimes.

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