Molly & Maria
Aisha. Age 9. Austin, Texas

Molly and Maria were ten-year-old twin sisters. They were going to their new school in New York. They had just moved from Chicago.

Molly was so excited and happy, but Maria wasn’t. She was not mad either; she just was never excited and she did not want to go to 5th grade. She knew she had to go, so she said goodbye to her mom and walked out of the door with Molly.

Later, Molly and Maria were walking, so they raced to school, which really cheered Maria up. When they got to their new school, they walked inside. Molly fixed her hair and Maria sulked and walked right behind Molly so no one would notice her.

When they got to their class, Maria and Molly were stared at. Then a boy came to them and said, “You look newish.”

Molly replied, “Yes, we are,” and they walked away to their seats.

Molly found her seat, and so did Maria, but hers was all the way around the corner. Maria did not want to sit next to people she did not know. So she tore off the name tag on her original desk and tore off the name tag on the desk next to her sister and secretly switched them.

“ATTENTION!” screamed Ms. Hart. Then she said, “OK, we have new students. Molly and Maria, please introduce yourselves.”

Molly walked up to the front and pulled Maria on the way. Molly said, “Hi, I’m Molly and this is Maria. We are twins from Chicago, and we are really excited to be here. I like to bake and cook, and Maria and I like to race each other.”

“Hi Molly! Hi Maria!” called out Zara. “I’m eleven years old!” shouted Zara again.

“OK, I think we have had enough of that. So thank you for introducing yourself, Molly and Maria. Now it is time for Art. Everybody go, leave, bye bye, get out of here!” said Ms. Hart.

Maria and Molly thought it seemed like just a second till the recess bell rang!

Molly and Maria went on the monkey bars and made two friends, Zara and Sarah. They were both older than Molly and Maria. When Zara and Sarah were about to show Molly and Maria their secret hideout, the bell rang. They said, “Bye.”

Molly and Maria walked home. They rang the bell to their house, and their mom opened the door. They screamed, “It was the best school day ever!’’

“Even for you Maria?” asked Mom.

“Yes, even for me.”

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