Precipta: The Rain and Hail Goddess
(A New Greek Myth)

Karla. Age 11. San Pablo, California

It was a warm sunny afternoon in Ancient Greece when Precipta was walking with her toddler son through a street fair. Precipta had straight raven hair as black as licorice, wore elegant gowns, and was as tall as a baby giraffe. Her son, Jonny, had brown hair, gold eyes, and darkish brown skin. You could always find this black haired woman outside with her son visiting street fairs in a village not far away.

As Precipta stopped to look at fresh fruit, her son suddenly let go of her hand to chase a balloon he was holding. He disappeared into a crowd of people.

“My son! My son! Where are you? Where did you go? He’s gone!!!!!!”

Precipta asked for help. Nobody had seen Jonny run away. Then she started to cry. Zeus heard Precipta crying while sitting on top of Mount Olympus and felt sorry for her, so he went down from Mount Olympus to tell her that he was going to find out where her son had gone. Meanwhile, Zeus put her up in a cloud so that she wouldn’t feel as lonely as she was in the street fair.

As Precipita cried on her cloud, her tears began to fill it up. Soon her tears fell to the ground as rain. The sadder she got, the more it rained. As the temperature in the clouds became colder, her tears would freeze and turn to hail.

Zeus ordered every god and goddess that was available to go search for Precipta’s son.
Apollo searched a local park in Precipita’s village, and found a little baby boy with his parents that looked exactly like Jonny. He asked his parents several questions about the baby. Finally, the couple had enough, and shouted back at Apollo as loud as a sports car can burn rubber.

“NO! No! NO! I think you’ve been mistaken. This baby is OURS! Leave us alone!”

Precipta heard everything, so she left the cloud and disguised herself as an old woman, so that nobody would notice that she was the mother of a lost baby boy.

Apollo had a big decision to make. He could either let the couple stay with the baby, or he could take the boy to Precipta so that she could make sure that he was not her son, just as the parents said he was not.

He decided to let the couple keep their son because if he had taken him away, then he would know that they would also be glum if they realized that their baby boy had somehow turned out to be Precipta’s. Precipta showed up and tried to steal the baby.
Apollo told Zeus that she was trying to take the baby away from his parents. Apollo finally realized that the baby wasn’t Jonny. As Precipta eventually gained more strength, she began to realize that she had to do something to get her son back.

So, she quit crying and told Zeus a lie, saying that she was going to be okay. Zeus took her off the cloud and put her back near her house. Precipta went inside her house. After that, she approached every couple who had a toddler baby by pretending to be really thirsty in order to get into their house.

After going into every house that had a baby in it, she decided to go into one more home that didn’t have a baby boy. Precipta found her son!

She took her son back to Mount Olympus. When Zeus saw her he was very happy to see Precipta with her son. The child grew to be a strong and well-behaved man with brown hair and very big muscles. He was known as the god of strength. When Hades woke up, he found out that Precipta had taken away Jonny. Hades never liked seeing Precipta happy. He didn't know why he had this hate in him, but he had to act like a grown man and let Precitpa live happily with her son. She told Apollo to apologize for his big mistake.

This is how rain and hail began in the world, because Precipta cries for the mistake of trying to steal a baby boy that was not hers.

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