How Rainbows Entered the World
(A New Greek Myth)

Lizbeth. Age 11. Richmond, California

One day on the tallest mountain inside a beautiful castle there was a god named Zeus. Zeus was joyful because his wife was having twin daughters. He was planning on naming them Rain and Shine. The next day when they were born Zeus saw that Shine had blonde hair and Rain had dark black hair.

“They don’t look like twins at all,” says Zeus.

Years later, Rain and Shine had never got along. Rain was always with her grandma. Shine was always with her friends doing homework. The day they graduated college, they moved away to follow their own paths. Shine moved into a castle near the sun and controlled how hot it would be. Shine had yellow eyes that looked like the sun and a white dress with a gold belt. Her hair was blonde. Rain lived in a castle in space during winter and in the fall she would control the rain. She had blue eyes that looked like raindrops and short black hair and a long white dress that went to her knees and a dark blue belt.

One day in the beginning of winter it was raining, and Shine never liked rain. She was disgusted by that, so Shine made the sun brighter. The people that lived on earth didn't like the weather because it was too bright and sunny and too windy.

“No! Stop! It needs to be beautifully bright and sunny. If it's going to look like this at least try to make it look nice!” yelled Shine.

“It's the beginning of winter. It's supposed to be cold and rainy,” replied Rain.

Zeus saw that they were arguing, so Zeus froze them so they would stop arguing about the weather. Then Zeus unfroze them and disappeared. Rain told Shine, ‘’We can deal with this tomorrow,’’ so they both went back home. The next day Rain and Shine decided to meet with Zeus. They flew to Mount Olympus and entered the castle.

“What do you two want?” said Zeus.

“Well, she’s in my way. I like it to always be sunny!” said Shine awkwardly.

“I know, but that part of town is in a drought. It can’t always be sunny,” said Zeus.

“Exactly,” said Rain quietly.

“I have some news: You are twin sisters, although you don't look alike,” said Zeus.

Rain and Shine just stared at each other.

“Since when did I have a parent?” says Shine. They both thanked Zeus and left. Zeus had not replied to Shine’s question.

The next day they were both confused, so Rain had a plan. Shine flew to the sky to meet with Rain. “What if we could create something we both can enjoy, since we're sisters now.” said Rain.

“Okay, like what?” replied Shine.

“If I can make it rain, and you can make it shine after the rain stops, something will happen. I read it in a book I found at Mount Olympus,” said Rain.

They tried it the first time, but nothing happened. The second time nothing happened.

“Third time’s a charm!” said Shine.

The third time it worked. They created a long line with beautiful colors in the sky of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The people that lived on earth loved the rainbow. Shine and Rain were joyful that the people on earth liked it so much.

So, when it stops raining and the sun becomes brighter, a rainbow comes out. That's the myth how rainbows entered the world.

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