The Story of a Dog
 Miguel. Age 12. San Pablo, California

It was a hot summer day around 6:00. My friends and I were at a nearby park by my house. My friends’ names are Alexis, Jair, Dylan, and Alex.

Then my mom called us to go eat dinner. We were all sitting at the dinner table, when I said, “You should call your moms to see if we could have an all-nighter.” An all-nighter is when we stay up all night playing video games online with our other friends.

I let them use my phone one by one. First Alexis, then Jair, and then Dylan. Alex used it last. And all of their moms said, “Yes, you can have an all-nighter.”

Then we went to get extra controllers for the PS3 so we could all play together. A few hours passed by, when we saw a little dog out the window. We went running downstairs and out the door. He was sitting down in the woods. As were walking towards him, he was barking, but it was okay. When we got near him, his collar said “Max.” He was also dirty. The dog’s collar didn’t just say Max. It also had the phone number of his owner.

We called the number, and a man answered the phone. We said, “Are you Max’s owner?”

He said. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He also said, “Can I go pick him up?” And of course we said yes. We gave him our address, and he said that in the morning he would be here.

The next day, bright and early, we heard a knock on the door. We opened the door and a guy said, “Is Max here?”
We said, “Yes, come with us.” We took him to the back yard to see Max. The next thing we saw was Max running to him as fast as Max can.

“My name is Manuel. What's yours?” the guy said.

We introduced ourselves one by one.

“Thank you so much,” Manuel said.

He gave us $20 dollars each for helping find his dog, Max.

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