Sun and Moon
(A New Greek Myth)

Alely. Age 11. Vallejo, California

Long ago the Greek god Hermes was sitting on top of Mount Olympus staring at the sky. He kept wondering why it looked so plain blue.

“I wonder if I can draw something so the sky won’t look so plain,” said Hermes. He took out a piece of paper and drew a picture of two circles. “These two circles will become planets. I’ll send these circles to Apollo and Artemis and ask them to turn them into planets”.

Soon he sent the picture to Apollo and Artemis and prayed that they would like it. After Hermes sent the picture, Apollo and Artemis quickly looked at it and said to each other, “This is great.” Meanwhile Hermes was walking home and he couldn't stop thinking about that drawing he made.

The next day Apollo called Hermes on the phone. “Come to Mount Olympus.”

Apollo and Artemis wanted to create the two planets Hermes drew. To make them planets, Hermes had to name them, so Hermes named them the sun and the moon. The sun represents life and the moon represents light.

Right after he named them the sun and moon, the sun and the moon went up to the sky as fast as a cheetah that had a full plate of meat. When Apollo and Artemis were finished, Apollo, Artemis and Hermes had a huge celebration at Mount Olympus.

That's how the moon and the sun were created.

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