How Tornadoes Were Created
(A New Greek Myth)

Alexis. Age 11. Richmond, California

Long ago there was a seventeen-year-old boy who was tall as a giraffe. He was named Torno .He loved making paper airplanes from strong leaves. Every day he went with his mom to pick up some fruit. But many times when he left with his mother to pick fruit, he did not help to pick the fruit. He just made paper airplanes out of leaves and threw them into the air.

One day he met another seventeen-year-old boy with his mother too. That kid, whose name was Carl, was doing the same thing as Torno. Once Torno threw a paper airplane at the boy, and the boy turned around and threw it back at him. They both had fun throwing paper airplanes at each other, but then both Torno’s and the boy’s moms came along and said, ’’We’re going home.” Then they left for home.

The next day they went to a village named Lemon Sun, where Torno saw a fruit stand. He saw a weird looking fruit that was black and pink. He told his mom about it.

“What kind of fruit is that?’’ Torno asked the man.

‘’It is not a fruit,’’ the man whispered. “Other men and I found it when we were digging a big hole in a faraway place,” the man said. Torno asked what the fruit was called, and the man said it was called the Twisted Storm. After Torno bought the Twisted Storm and left for home. The next day Torno sneaked out of his house so his mom would not to see him leave. He went alone to the area where he and his mom picked fruit. He took the Twisted Storm, he peeled it, and when he opened it there were pink slimy things inside. He took a piece of the slimy things inside and ate it, and after he ate it he felt very powerful.

He saw Carl with a new kind of paper airplane as strong as iron. He got close to Carl and said, “Hi.” When he said “Hi,” Carl threw his airplane and Torno started to spin with small paper airplanes around him made out of iron. He got darker and bigger: he was big as Mount Olympus. Everyone came from Lemon Sun village and got scared of the big tornado that Torno had formed into. Carl was hurt on the leg by the tornado. Torno didn’t know how to form into a human again. When he saw his mom and the villagers, he thought of leaving and going far away, for he did not want to hurt or kill any villagers from Lemon Sun or his mom.

Torno left on his way to a faraway place. He destroyed trees and destroyed many fruits on the way. He was still formed into a tornado when all of a sudden he saw a big mountain, and that mountain was Mount Olympus. He went up to Mount Olympus and saw all the gods and goddesses: Zeus, Apollo, Ares, Hermes, Hestia, and others. But there was something strange to Torno because he was still formed into tornado and was not destroying things from Mount Olympus. He was very shy and went to Zeus. Torno was going to ask Zeus how to form into a human again, but Zeus already knew he was in trouble. Zeus told Torno words that would make him back into a human and told him how to become a tornado.

‘’Thank you for telling me how to become a human again,” ’Torno said.

‘’You’re not a human anymore. You’re a god of tornadoes,” Zeus said.

Torno went back to his village and once he got to his house his mom asked many questions, such as ‘’Where were you?’’ and “Are you okay?’’

Torno had an amazing life after all the things he endured, and visited Mount Olympus and turned eventually into a tornado only when other gods made him angry.

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