The Myth of the Trickster Fox
(A New Greek Myth)

Angela. Age 11. Richmond, California

In a small village lived a young man named Isaac. Isaac was a trickster and a liar. He would trick and lie to other people so he could get what he wanted.

On a bright summer morning, Isaac was walking when a young man came up to walk beside him.

“Aren’t you the trickster in the village?” the young man said.

“Why yes, yes I am,” Isaac said.

“How can you be such a good trickster? Surely Zenix must’ve taught you,” the young man said.

There was silence between the two, and then Isaac ran off to trick more people. He ran to the small village and tricked and lied to many people. He didn’t care. He was the best. The very best.

He climbed up a house roof. ”I am the best trickster! Better than anyone! Better than Zenix himself!” Isaac cried. He was laughing so hard.

Zenix heard Isaac from Olympus. He got very angry and started searching him for after what he said. He flew around the Yggdrasil Forest. He then heard the protesting of the village people. Zenix knew he had tracked him down.


Zenix disguised himself as a young adult, so they wouldn’t be able to recognize him, and faced Isaac.

“You aren’t better than Zenix. You are just a pathetic liar to these poor people. You can’t just compare yourself to the mighty gods and goddesses because they are much better than you,” Zenix said, about to slap him until he knew what had to be done.

Zenix turned into the mighty god he was. His red cloak was as red as blood, but his eyes were blazing like a fire.

Isaac didn’t seem to care at all.

“Well, now that you are here, I challenge you,” Isaac confidently said.

“Very well then. I accept,” Zenix said with a smirk.

Isaac started to regret every single thing he had just said a while ago. He wished he had never said anything like that again.

Soon they started running off into the forest to find little bandit villages. Isaac tricked the leaders there, and thought he was doing pretty well.

Isaac was running back to the village and stopped to rest at mid-forest. ”Should I stop all of this or keep on trying to win?” He was thinking about it for a while. He breathed in the wonderful scent of the sacred forest. The forest was just lovely.

He returned to the village, and saw that all the woman loved how handsome Zenix was. Zenix was NOT amused, for he was a serious man.

Zenix had way more stuff than Isaac. Isaac already knew he had lost the challenge. Zenix was already laughing at Isaac.

“HAHAHAHA!!!! Oh, Isaac, see I am much better than you!” Zenix yelled as loudly as he could to the pesky human.

“NO! I am better! I know it!” Isaac was nearly crying because Zenix was threatening him with his mighty blade.

Isaac’s eyes were a mighty brownish gold with a hint of orange. His hair was a reddish orange. It reminded Zenix of a fox. Zenix had a wicked plan.

“Please, don’t hurt me! I don’t want to be killed now!” Isaac cried softly.

“You selfish little pesky fox! Of course I can’t kill you!” Zenix said grinning like a madman.

“You are a Greek god. I made a mistake. JUST END ME NOW!!” Isaac said closing his eyes shut.

“I am leaving a message for the dumb mortals living in this pathetic world,” Zenix smiles at Isaac.

“What are you doing?” Isaac said, worried that Zenix would hurt him.

“You are a liar! You are not greater than the gods and goddesses themselves. Don’t think you are, because you are a pathetic human, Trickster Fox.” Zenix turned Isaac into a fox. Foxes to Zenix were like tricksters and liars.

Isaac was a beautiful orange, with two black stripes on both sides. He had one white wide stripe that was in the middle of the black stripes. His eyes were his own brownish gold with a hint of orange. It was like the sun setting.

“THIS WARNING GOES TO ALL OF YOU AS WELL, PESKY HUMANS! I KNOW WHO IS NEXT, AND YOU WILL SEE! REMEMBER MY NAME! REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THE GODS AT ALL!!!” Zenix disappeared into the blue sky like dust in the desert and was never to be seen in the village, or the forest again.

No one forgot Zenix and the message that he left. They still found Isaac in the woods, and they knew who he was because of his eyes. The eyes of a liar. The eyes of a trickster. The eyes of a fox.

Everyday there was a new fox, but the townspeople never forgot the Trickster Fox.

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