No One Is Perfect, Not Even the God of War
(A New Greek Myth)

Kevin. Age 11. San Pablo, California

Whenever countries go to war, the god of war, Ares, is there to make sure that the good guys win, and that the bad guys lose. Ares is a powerful and strong god because no one besides Zeus can defeat him.

However, one day while Ares was sleeping, the bad guys attacked, and took the god of war. People tried really hard to help the god of war, but they failed. Then Hermes told the other gods and goddesses that enemies had the god of war in chains that no one could break through them, not even Zeus. Then Zeus came. Zeus asked, “Where did they take him?” They did not know, and they tried to help get the god of war back. Then Zeus figured out that the enemies were trying to get the god of war’s power. Zeus got so mad it looked like he was going to explode like a volcano.

Zeus tried looking for the god of war. After a while, they found the place where they had Ares and were getting his power. Hades said that they should go after the bad guys. He said they had tried to attack, but without the god of war it was useless.

They had to make a plan to help the god of war. The gods and goddesses heard the news, and they wanted to help. Hades had a plan. They had to do something really painful, but soon it would be worth it. They had to combine their powers to save the god of war and the slaves. (The slaves are the people that had been captured in war.) “The power that all the gods and the goddesses have combined could destroy a planet,” said Zeus.

Zeus had a choice: do it the painful way or choose a different mode of attack. He chose to do it the painful way, and even the gods stronger than he was had to follow the plan. They had to risk everything to save the god of war.

They got the god of war back because they started to destroy the place had had big buildings, and the buildings started to fall. They had to leave fast or they would get squished, and Zeus felt the most pain combining their power because he was the strongest one of all gods and goddesses.

They celebrated because they got Ares back with all his power. Zeus celebrated that they got him back, and no one died during the attack. Some got injured, but they were okay. They appreciated the people that helped get back the god of war. So they gave the heroes medals for being there to get the god of war back, and if the people needed help at anything, they would come and help. Even if they needed some company, or when they needed help at war, Zeus would send the god of war there to help them to win war, said Ares. The people started to go to sleep, and then the gods and goddesses went back to their homes in the sky.

So that is the story of the god of war. The gods and goddesses lived for a long time looking over people that had hard times. Some gods helped people that did not have homes or a family by giving them food. They also gave them stray dogs that needed love. That is what the gods did for the homeless people. That was nice. Gods aren’t like kings that have slaves. At least that is what I think.

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