Raga. Age 11. Plano, Texas
                      On a rainy damp day, murky puddles cover the ground,
while kids ponder on what kind of fun will be found.
Wind chimes begin to dance to the gentle breeze,
each time, conducting an unknown piece of music with ease.
The bees buzz on the lazy summer day,
while plants follow the beat of the air and sway.
The little birds are tweeting and singing,
filling the air with mystical ringing.
The dry leaves fall from the oak tree
one by one, near me.
The chilly wind comes and goes,
sending the pine cones’ fragrance to my nose.
Covering the earth like a blanket, frosty snow falls,
as the puzzling and cryptic howling wind calls.
Gelid crystal icicles hang from my house’s roof,
each dainty dagger standing aloof.
Nature is baffling, fascinating, and pretty.
You can see it changing all over the city.
Wherever you are, near or far
Nature is there.
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