Kashari. Age 8. Abuja, Nigeria

Hey, you want to play?
Yes, but what should we play?
Maybe we can play ballet!
So should we put on a play?
But donít we have to practice ballet?
Yes, we do, letís do it now.

They danced and danced.

Yay, we have learned dancing.
Okay now what do we do?
Where is our play going to be?
In my house.
Okay are we ready now?
Letís dance now and invite people.
When is our play going to be?
Should we invite people now?

They invited people and told them ďtomorrowĒ.

Letís sleep now and wait for tomorrow.
Letís get some sleep now.
Good night.
Good night.
Wake up, itís time for the play!
Okay letís go!
Letís go to my house, because
Everyoneís waiting for us.
Letís start the show.

They danced and danced and at the end
Everyone clapped.

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