Elba. Age 11. San Pablo, California

A moment never goes by without my thinking about my best friends who act like my sisters, Natalie and Meybelline. Sometimes I call them Slendy and Mey.

Slendy and I didn’t talk to each other in 4th grade, but in 5th grade we were sitting next to each other. Meybelline started talking to me in 5th grade, like Slendy. So, that’s how we became BFFs. Now I’m going to tell you a story.

It was a sunny Monday morning. I was walking to school when I saw Slendy. Slendy and I were talked about things like what we did over the weekend. The bell rang at 8:30 in the morning, and Mey came in. So, we went upstairs to class. We put down the chairs and then we sat down. The teacher Mr. Gomez wanted the whole class to get advanced in a test. After class we had recess. We were talking, then we walked up to talk to Alondra, but we call her Ally for short.

“Hi Rebecca,” said Slendy.

“Hi Slendy,” I said back.

Then we were outside, but Mey wasn’t outside because she had to do her homework. So only Slendy and I got to go outside with the rest of the class.

“So, what are you going to do after school?” Slendy questioned.

“I don’t know. Maybe go home, do my homework, then play with my cousin,” I said.
Ally came to us, and we started talking about anime, then Angela came to us and joined in.

“Rebecca do you know about an anime called Black Butler?” Angela said.

“Yes I watched all three seasons,” I said happily.

“Really, you watched all three seasons?” Angela said.

Then the bell rang, so we went back inside. We sat down at our chairs. Mr. Gomez was talking to another teacher then came back inside the classroom. We took out our notebook for math and did a math problem. Then we read a poem and we wrote about that poem.

“All of you have to write a persuasive letter to an editor from another school,” said Mr. Gomez. We all wrote the letter to the editor from another school. It was 12:35 in the afternoon. We went to the lunchroom. After, we went to recess. Natalie and I were walking. Then she noticed she didn't have her necklace on as she usually does.

“I lost my necklace. The one that my mom gave me. It’s special to me” Slendy said worried. “Can you help me find it?”

“Yes,” I said.

We went to look for it, then Mey came out, and helped us search for it. Slendy was sad because her mom gave the necklace to her. It meant a lot to her mom and Slendy. We were looking for it in the lunchroom. When we found it we had a surprise for Slendy. Me and Mey said it together: “We found your special necklace, Slendy!” When the bell rang, we went inside.

The next day when I got to school, I went to my line. Natalie was telling funny puns, but Mey hates when Natalie makes puns. We were talking about the things that had happened on Monday. Then a new boy named Jacob came to our class with Mr.Gomez. His eyes were brown like bear fur. He was wearing a sweater and jeans. He sat next to me in class. Then Mr. Gomez said, “We have a new student. His name is Jacob Sartorius. Say ‘good morning’.”

Then we had to go to lunch. I sat down with Slendy, Mey, and Stephany. They were talking about things while Jacob and I were talking. Although Jacob was the new kid, I was hanging around with him for little while and spent less time hanging around with my best friends. So, I went up to them to talk to them. Whenever they ignore me, it means that they are mad at me because I’m not hanging with them. When I want to talk to them, they just ignore me.

They would not talk to me because of Jacob. They were mad at me, and it made me blue like the Pacific Ocean.

I had two choices, which were to say “sorry” to them or keep talking to Jacob. I chose to say “sorry” to them. They said that it was okay but not to talk to Jacob because he moved here because he did something bad. Jacob didn’t come for a week. So, I got worried. “Jacob didn’t come because he was sick,” a boy said to me.

Then Mr. Gomez told us that Jacob went to a different school. I thought that something happened to him, but no. After class, I got a text from Jacob saying, “I can’t go back to that school. The new school that I am going to is in Virginia. So, you and your friends don’t have to worry about me.” I was sad, I didn’t want Jacob to leave because he's my friend. But I still had my own friends by my side.

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