My New Buddy
Kayla. Age 12. San Pablo, California

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon at the park with my friends and family where dogs chased each other, and people walked around and ate barbeque and grilled corn. I could smell the tangy scent of BBQ ribs and wondered which relative of mine could make me a rib sandwich. As I was sitting on a bench daydreaming about food, a little girl with two ponytails walked up and asked if I had seen a red wallet lying around. It was obvious that the girl just wanted a friend because I could see her wallet in her pocket.

“The wallet is in your pocket,” I explained.

“Oh, thank you very much,” she smiled.

The girl stayed on the bench and introduced herself. She told me that her name was Alely. I told her that it was nice to meet her, but I had to head out to the airport. I started to walk away, until she yelled “Wanna be friends?”

“Sure, but I can’t talk right now!’’ I shouted back.

The next day I walked to the park to play on the monkey bars. I saw Alely, so I ran up to her to talk about my trip to L.A.

“How was your trip?’’ Alely asked.

“It was ok, but it didn't amaze me as much as I thought it was going to at first.” I replied

We started to tell each other what school we go to. It was crazy because Alely and I both go to the same school. I asked what grade she was in, and she said “Sixth grade.” I told her that I was also in the sixth grade.

“Who’s your teacher?” I asked.

“Mr.Mac. How about you?”

“You’re in Mr. Mac’s class? No way! I’m in Mr.Howard’s class.”

Alely and I walked away laughing, until we noticed a German shepherd running away from its owner. Although we tried to help the owner, the dog ran beyond our grasp. It was so fast it ran like a cheetah. Fifteen minutes later, the owner caught up to the dog only because the dog had run out of breath and seemed bored with running. The dog went tiredly and calmly with its owner.

“That dog was fast,’’ Alely said

“I know...right...we had to chase it for fifteen minutes,’’ I replied.

After all the nonsense about the dog, we went to my house and ate dinner together. Alely called her mom at midnight to ask if she could sleepover at my house. “Yes you can sleep over,“Alely’s mom said through the phone.

When Alely woke up, my mom surprised us with a big breakfast. Alely liked the fact that she got to eat something in the morning, but she didn’t like the fact that she had to go home. We watched TV until Alely got a call from her mom.

“When are you going to come home?” Alely’s mom asked. We got in the car and rushed to her house. Alely got out of the car and walked up to her porch. Her mom opened the door and waved goodbye. My mom and I enjoyed the rest of the day with a glass of coffee and some cookies.

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