Crazy Cabin Weekend
Mariana. Age 11. San Pablo, California

On a hot Friday afternoon, my friend Karen asked Natalie, Ally, and Karla if we wanted to go to her cousin Annie’s cabin.

“Hey girls, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to my cousin’s cabin close to the forest by a waterfall. My mom will take us. It’s going to be amazing; it’s going to be all around nature,” Karen said.

“I don’t know if they’ll let me because I didn’t obey my mother when she told me to wash the dishes,” Ally replied.

“Come on! Ally, you should have your own time, not time for chores,” Karla said.

“Natalie, you could right,” Karen said in a girly voice.

“Absolutely” Natalie replied in a girly voice.

After school, Natalie, Karla, and Ally asked their mothers if they could go to the cabin and all moms said yes. Natalie asked where it was, but Karen said it was next to a waterfall.
When they got there, Ally said, “I feel someone is watching us, Karen!”

“Stop being a little baby. You’re just scared because you saw Cabin by the Forest, but like I told you, it’s going to be fun, not a Halloween horror show!!! BOO!!! Hahaha,” laughed Karen in a mean tone. Natalie and the rest of the girls looked at each other and told Karen to stop

“Karen, you’re being rude. We came to have a girls’ weekend, not a fighting-getting-mad weekend. We’re not going to be like squirrels fighting for an acorn,” Natalie replied to both Ally and Karen. As they went slowly into the cabin, they noticed all the things were spotless.

“Why is everything so clean?” Ally asked.

“My cousin comes up here all the time. She tells me it’s amazing, and at night it’s just right for playing hide-and-seek in the dark. That’s what we are going to do tonight, girls, play hide-and-seek,” Karen said to the rest of the girls. When it turned dark all the girls partied and laughed as they played and scared each other. As Ally began to feel the feeling of being alone, she also felt little legs like spiders. Ally had the chills and screamed, “Ahhhhhh! Spider! Get it off- get it off - EWWW it’s on my hand!!!!! YUCK!!” Ally said.

As the girls giggled, Ally said, “Haha, very funny, right?”

“We used Karla’s hair to make it seem like there were spiders,” Natalie responded.

The next day, Karen told all the girls that that they were going into the waterfall cave and that they were going to get wet. Karla and the rest ran to the bathroom to get changed .The three girls were in a black tank-tops and white shorts that had plastic colorful gems that sparkled. As they jumped one by one into the waterfall, they all screamed, “YAY!!” They looked like ducks in a pond following the leader. They splashed in the water, but Ally still had the sensation of someone watching them. She felt the feeling of someone recording them or peeking on them. As Karen stepped out of the water, she felt it too. Then Ally saw a bear in the little house next to the cabin.

“Look, girls, there’s a bear!” said Ally with a scared voice.

“Ally, I think I'm starting to feel your sensation of something…” whispered Karla.

“Where?” said Natalie.

“We are all going to die!!!” Karla said. The bear heard something and thought that something was happening to her cubs. The bear ran towards the waterfall like if it was on the track team. The girls swam to the bottom of the waterfall and tried to hold their breath. When the bear left the girls went up to the surface and took deep a breath. They all stayed quiet for a long time. Ten minutes after the bear left, they started to party again, but still kept an eye for more animals.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” Natalie whined.

“OK,” Karen said. They decided to go into the cave that was behind the waterfall. When they went into the cave, Karen saw her brother and Natalie’s cousin in the cave.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” said Karen to her brother Jacob.

“WHAT ARE YOU BOTH DOING HERE!?” Natalie said furiously.

“I’m calling mom, and you're going to be dead when she finds out, Jacob!”

“Karen, please, no, I didn’t know you were going to be here at Cousin’s cabin.

“Well, I am here, so you better call Mom or Dad or you deal with me,” Karen said very meanly.

“OK, fine, whatever,” Jacob replied.

“As for you, Cousin Liz, you’re not supposed to be here. What were you trying to do??? You know you’re not supposed to be sneaking out of your house,” said Natalie

“I got bored, you know I have nothing better to do, and I have no one to be with. I guess I just wanted to be with you. You're always the one that is there for me and I only have you.” said Cousin Liz. Natalie’s eyes began to tear up and she gave Liz a big hug.
“Ok, now it’s Sunday and you guys need to pack because my mom will pick us up in half an hour,” Ally said. So when Ally’s mom arrived, they all grabbed their bags and began to get in the RV.

“So, how was your weekend?” They all began to tell their story.

“I guess they all had an amazing weekend here at the waterfall, right?” said Ally’s mom.

“YAY! MOM!!!, YAH!!! Well we had a great day on Friday, too. It was amazing!” said Ally.
“But we all learned why we now love the nature and the wilderness,” said Karen.

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