The Nature Guardian
Angela. Age 11. San Pablo, California

It was a chilly, spring morning in a small California coastal town. The birds were chirping outside my window. I got up from bed, and walked over to my closet to pick an outfit for the day. I decided to wear something not too warm nor too cold. I wore a purple T-shirt, a white jacket, black pants, and comfortable boots. I tied my hair up, and went out.

When I got to the kitchen, I smelled waffles! My mouth watered like a pool full of water.

“Angela, good morning. How about you go check on your friend Nellie?” my mother said.

“Fine, but I have to eat first.” I sat down and ate.

I was running out the door when I finished. I ran to the forest, and stopped when I got there.

“Hey, Nellie!” I ran to where Nellie stays, but she wasn’t there. “Nellie! Where are you?! Stop hiding!”

I started to feel very shaky. I felt like my heart was about to burst.

I then heard a noise coming from a bush, and decided to get closer. The wind blew throughout the forest giving me goosebumps. I felt scared.


Nellie jumped from the bush, scaring me. I fell to the ground, and glared at Nellie, while she just giggled softly.

“Nellie, that’s rude,” I said. I just kept glaring at her and frowned. “So, how’s your scar doing?” I questioned her.

Nellie’s green sparkly eyes glistened when she looked at me. Her brown soft hair waved as she pulled on her flower pocket dress. Tears ran down her pale porcelain skin, as I crawled to her.

“I never want to go back home ever,” Nellie said in her British voice.

She smiled instantly and walked over to her blue jay bird named Azra. Nellie patted her head as I just watched

“I need to show you something,” Nellie mumbled.

I got up from where I was sitting, and followed her deeper into the forest. As we walked into the forest, the environment started to change. It was dark, and burned down trees surrounded the area. It was like an abandoned house left to rot on its own. Nellie took something out of her dress, and showed it to me.

“Look at how beautiful it was before,” Nellie exclaimed.

“Who would even do this?” I questioned.

“I’m not sure, but I can’t do anything about it,”

Nellie walked away as I followed. Nellie went into a different direction, and once again the environment changed. Only this time there were blossoming trees that stood up straight. I felt like I was living in a fantasy. The bright, clear blue water ran down a mini- waterfall. Rocks and bamboo surrounded the pond.

“Hmmm, I’ve never seen this place before,” Nellie said as her eyes glistened.

We walked off to where we were before, only this time we ended up hiding behind a bush. “Ssh, it’s them. They came to get me back,” Nellie whispered.

Suddenly, we heard Mrs. Flores yell out. “Nellie!” Mrs. Flores yelled.

“Mom, why are we here? Nellie’s a brat,” we heard Thomas say. Thomas’s dark red hair was made into a fringe. He was wearing purple contacts. His tank top was black with uneven holes everywhere, and his black tights were ripped. He wore black boots.

“Apologize.” His father grinned.

“Ugh, fine,” Thomas mumbled. He shouted, “Sorry Nellie!”

Suddenly, I realized I had poked my head out from the bushes. Thomas looked at me and leaned into the bush, and saw Nellie

“Hey, Thomas,” Nellie sarcastically said.

Thomas went over the bush. He swung his arm over Nellie’s shoulders as she just stood there about to explode into bits. Suddenly, she slapped her brother’s arm off and ran off as I immediately got up and sped towards her

Nellie thought about something for a while. “Should I go back home? Should I stay?”

Nellie ran back to where her brother lay on the grass. Nellie ran to him, and embraced her brother for a long time. Thomas lay there shocked by Nellie’s actions.

“Um, you can get off now.”

Thomas rolled his eyes, but Nellie didn’t move from where she was. Thomas pushed her off, and she landed on the grass. “Come on, Nellie. Let’s go home.”

When they got up to leave, Nellie stood still and thought for a moment. “Home?” Nellie turned to look at the forest behind her. She really didn’t want to leave. I knew what Nellie was thinking.

“Mom, but I really don’t want home. I want to stay here with you guys as well,” Nellie mumbled.

“Nellie, you have school, and we miss you,” Mr. Flores frowned.

“I don’t want to go home!” Nellie shouted.
I knew what Nellie was doing. We were back at the place where the forest was abandoned. Her mother fell to her knees and finally spoke.

“Nellie, who did this?” Mr. Flores asked.

“I don’t know.” Nellie looked down.

It was dead silent for a moment. “We will all stay here. We will build a house,” said Mrs. Flores, smiling. Nellie looked up, her green eyes sparkled in delight.


“Of course dear,” said Mr. Flores. He ran up to his daughter to give her a bear hug.

Thomas shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “Really, Mum?”

“I don’t see why not?”

Nellie stuck her tongue out at Thomas. This was the usual Nellie and Thomas. I was glad they were reunited.

In a few months, they all had a house in the forest where Nellie could finally be the person she was before, The Nature Guardian.

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