Invasive Plants
Miguel. Age 12. San Pablo, California

When was the last time you heard of people being concerned about invasive plants? Many people think that invasive plants are bad for our world, but other people think they're not. Invasive plants are beautiful for gardens; gardens are a lot more noticeable with invasive plants, I will admit.

Invasive plants usually grow in forests and woods. Some invaders are plants from other countries brought here to make gardens and yards look prettier. A lot of people think they're bad for our world, but invasive plants that are bad for the environment are usually non-native. For example my neighbor has some invasive plants in his garden, and they look pretty and very attractive. Most of his garden is full of invasive plants.

In addition, when his mother comes from another country, she always brings a portion of some invasive plant. There was one time that he had so many of them that he asked my mom if she wanted some and my mom said “yes”, but she was going to give it to my sister because she has a garden and we don’t.

All of this means that we should like invasive plants because we don't have many in the California, and they also look pretty in gardens.

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