Nature Danger
Karla. Age 12. San Pablo, California

It was a warm, sunny day when Ally and Natalie were playing Mortal Kombat on their PS4. Suddenly, their mom shouted that they had to finish their game and start packing for their camping trip. Natalie did not like hearing the news. She really enjoyed staying home. She lived in an elegant house that had a huge backyard and palm trees surrounding it.

Ally and Natalie sighed because their mom disconnected the TV. They started to pack because they didn’t want to stay home alone. They got in their car and set out on the road. Ally was very bored, so she took out her phone and started playing games on it.
“I don’t want to go,” said Natalie.

“Neither do I. Why does Mom always do this to us?”

Soon they entered the forest. “Wow.” When they stopped the car Ally and Natalie’s mom unpacked the tent. When they finished, they tried to look for something to amuse Ally and Natalie. Although Natalie liked drawing nature, she didn’t actually admire it. Ally liked being on electronics, especially on her iPhone 6+. She didn’t have anything else to do, so she took out her phone and took pictures of herself and wrote on the bottom of her pictures “Boringest adventure ever.”

Ally and Natalie were surprised because they saw three bears. One of them was the mom and the other two were her cubs. While they were looking at the bears, they didn’t notice that their parents had fled away. They were so desperate to find them that they didn’t know what to do.

“What are we going to do?” Ally shouted.

“Stay calm” a voice from behind said.

“Who are you?” asked Natalie

“I’m Harry.” Harry was a boy scout with a green shirt with a lot of badges.

“Do you know how to find your way back to a safe place from here?” asked Ally.

“Not quite, but I can try,” Harry responded.

Ally and Natalie had two choices to make. They could either trust Harry or they could try to find their way back by themselves. Although Natalie decided to trust Harry, Ally didn’t trust him at all. Ally And Natalie argued about what to do. Finally, the decision was made. They would trust Harry.

Once they started following Harry, they had gone even further into the woods. The woods looked like a decorated haunted house.

“Where are we?” asked Natalie.

“I think we went in circles” said Harry.

“Well, good job, Harry, FOR GETTING US LOST!” Ally exclaimed.

Ally and Natalie’s parents heard them yelling at each other and found out where they were. Ally was relieved that her parents had found them because she couldn’t wait to get home and because Harry was so annoying. When Ally and Natalie wanted to enjoy nature, they would always play outside in their backyard.

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