I Hate School
Domenic. Age 8. Abuja, Nigeria
                      I hate school and homework!
I hate you school
and I hate you homework!
I do not want to go to
school or do my homework!
I would rather eat bark, or fight
a lion in the dark!
Iíd shred my homework
In my dadís shredding machine
and tear it!
I hate my homework!
Please, homework, ride
a plane or go to Spain,
I want to play a game,
Or watch a movie.
Oh homework.
You might be sad
But you make me mad!
Oh homework you are a bad
One. Oh homework, homework, homework.
You should be wrecked! I hate you so, so much.
And I am not just talking to
Homework, but school! You give me
Homework every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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